Weekly Class Schedule

Saturday – Gentle Flow @ 2 pm via ZOOM (click here to get zoom link).

Sunday – Yin + Restorative @ 5 pm at Pure Motion Yoga (click here to register).

Teaching Background

Lizzy Jackson first began her yoga journey while studying fashion design in college. In the midst of suffering severe depression, Lizzy sought out solace by studying meditation at the WON Buddhist Temple in Philadelphia. One of the monks took time to mentor her and eventually suggested beginning a yoga practice. Though Lizzy had never taken a yoga class before, she signed up for a year long yoga teacher training intensive at The Yogalife Institute where she studied classical yoga in great depth. She found that through yoga, she could better manage her own mental wellness and learned more about herself in that one year than she had in her entire life. She completely fell in love with the practice and was determined to share this healing with others.

Lizzy has been teaching yoga for the past six years at Senior Centers, The CDC, Elementary Schools, Yoga Studios (including owning her own studio), Summer Camps and to the Atlanta Community at large. She is passionate about helping students find healing and alignment with their life purpose through yoga. Her classes are dynamic while remaining gentle and relaxing.