Because you matter.


My story…

After using Essential oils off and on for five years, I finally committed to dive in head first and invest in quality oils for myself and my family. Why? Because my own healing and wellbeing + the wellbeing of my family are of utmost importance to me. After years of giving myself second best, settling for less than and telling myself I didn’t have time to take care of ‘me’, I ended up in a place where I couldn’t even take care of myself, much less my growing family. After a time of  being hospitalized and then undergoing intensive therapies, I knew I needed to prioritize my health and healing or it would literally kill me.

So I began my journey towards healing which I’m still on and still have a looong ways to go. This road looks like going to therapy every week, daily yoga and meditation, taking some western medication (gasp, yes you can use western meds and still be oily + crunchy AF), feeding my body and mind nourishing things and using the purest essential oils for my physical health as well as emotional health. Essential oils have been such a huge part of my journey towards over all wellness and healing that I couldn’t not share them with others! Here’s a few ways we use them on a daily basis…

Beauty Routine// Immune Support// During Meditation and Yoga// Hormone Balancing// Treating every day owies// Emotional Support// Natural cleaning//

Fall in love with taking care of you.

If you’re ready to ditch the #toxic and fill your home + body with beautiful #plantmagic then you’re in the right place! There’s an option for every level of interest whether you just want to buy a bottle of Patchouli or you want to join our team of business builders, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have. You have a few options…

As a Young Living Essential Oil dealer, my goal is never to make you feel pressured or to sell you something. I genuinely want to help you find healing and wellness, whatever that might look like for you. So where ever you are on your wellness journey, I would love to help and support you!

Our Team + Young Living