5 Steps to a Happy Closet from a Seasoned Organizer

With spring right around the corner, you may have already started on your spring-cleaning check list and if your closet didn’t make the list, it probably should have. Don’t worry, we aren’t here to judge the nooks and crannies of your closet filled with ill fitted clothes or shoes you should’ve donated 5 years ago but instead we invited the experts in to share some tips for creating a closet you love.

Rebecca Sullivan, owner of Happy Tree Organizing (located out of Decatur, Georgia) started her business in 2013. With nearly ten years of experience under her belt, she has literally seen it all! These are some of her top closet organization tips that you can use right away to refresh your closet. Who’s ready for a closet transformation?!

1. Matching hangers are your BFF. This gives your closet a cohesive look and makes a huge visual impact.

2. Hooks for items you will wear again make a huge difference (like jeans & hoodies). You can place them right inside your closet door for easy access. Command hooks work great for this!

3. Let’s talk about the unused space on the back of the door and side walls in your closet. Don’t waste this valuable closet real estate but instead, install hooks for necklaces, scarves, & baseball caps or get an Elfa storage baskets for flip flops, rolled up leggings, pajamas etc.

4.  Get a good shoe rack – or 5 – we won’t judge 😉 . Consider getting a mesh one so the heels won’t poke through.

5. Of course: Declutter! We women have way too many clothes that are the wrong size, make us feel frumpy or simply just don’t work for us anymore. Donate to a local women’s shelter, like Hope House, who will pick up clothes & household items for you! http://www.clothingpickupatl.com/georgia.aspx

If your life feels a little **too** busy to tackle your closet right now, consider giving Rebecca a call & treat yourself to a professionally organized closet 😉 You can find all of her info here.

We know life is busy, but tackling your closet can make your morning routine a breeze. We hope you find these tips helpful and that they maybe even make you a tad bit excited to tackle that spring cleaning checklist. As always, stay fabulous my friends.


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