Christmas 2021 Trends

It’s not quiet time for sleigh bells and mistletoe, but let’s be honest, most of us who decorate for Christmas have already thought about putting up the beloved tree. That’s why I wanted to go ahead and share with you the 2021 Christmas trends now, so you can decide which ones you love and want to incorporate this year.

Bright Colors

It’s time to think outside the box of traditional red and green and get funky! We are seeing lots of bright, happy, neon colors take the stage for this years Christmas decor. This is a great look if you love a more casual + playful feel in your home. These punchy colors are also lots of fun when used on a white tree. Will you get playful with your colors this season? Some simple ideas to play with this trend is to opt for a bunch of colorful ornaments or choose punchy color candles over the more traditional colors.

Sustainable Christmas

Christmas DIY searches are up over 100% this year as people look for creative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle when it comes to the holidays. Rather than buying new, people are opting to pull out the vintage finds that have been passed down for generations or making something simple out of materials from the back yard. Getting crafty is not just environmentally friendly, but also offers a great opportunity for family time. We also continue to shift towards sustainability by opting for reusable wrapping paper, Christmas poppers, table linens and more. These are my top 3 favorite ways to incorporate sustainable Christmas.

  1. Using ornaments that have been in the family for decades. My favorite ornaments are the ones that my grandmother made years ago and the ones my parents had back in the 80’s. If you don’t have the gift of family ornaments to pull from, try making some of your own or start a collection you could pass down to your children. The thrift store can also be a great place to find vintage ornaments.
  2. Looking to the backyard for greenery. You can make beautiful centerpieces, garlands, ornaments and more by collecting branches & berries from the yard. If you like a more modern take on decor, you could even spray paint branches gold sparkly and put them in a vase for a super simple centerpiece and fill the bottom of the vase with cranberries or berries from the back yard.
  3. Rethink your wrapping paper. I love the look of brown craft paper and I also love how incredibly versatile it is. Use it to wrap gifts, or in lieu of a table cloth or even fold it to make stars for garland. You might also opt to skip wrapping paper all together this year and use thrifted baskets to put gifts in or tote bags or just top with a cute ribbon or bow.


Buffalo plaid is having a moment right now and you either love it or hate it. I’m planning on incorporating it into my Christmas decor in small bits like my wrapping paper and ribbons this year. It’s a great fresh take on plaid and easy to style. It also looks really cute with a more traditional color pallet to create that cozy, country Christmas kind of charm.

Neutral Christmas

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for very long, you probably could guess that I love color and incorporating it into rooms in unexpected ways so it might surprise you to know that I actually love the neutral Christmas theme (when done correctly, that is). The reason I like the neutral take on Christmas is because most of us don’t have a home already set up to match with the traditional reds and greens. Neutrals are easy to work in with your current decor so your space feels put together and well thought out rather than feeling like you just threw some random decorations up and called it a day. The key to making neutrals not feel ‘”flat” is to experiment with different textures and even different shades of the same neutral (like cream, off white and beige). Adding some sparkle to the mix also looks super classy when paired with neutrals and adds that touch of holiday glam. (BONUS: Neutrals are also great if your family celebrates more than just Christmas – think Hanukkah, Kwnaza etc.)

Coastal Christmas

I’m going to be up front about this one. I hate it. But coastal Christmas is a thing now and folks are using shells as ornaments, garlands and centerpieces to create a “Christmas at the beach” kind of feel but not in a tacky way. It’s done by painting shells gold and pulling from the sandy tones of beach decor and also plays on two other trends previously mentioned (neutrals and sustainable). I am NOT a beachy girl, I’m a cabin in the mountains girl all the way so the beach at Christmas time just isn’t my thing because it’s not my thing any time of year really. However, Coastal Christmas can be done in a way that is tasteful and works well in a home that already has those beachy hues in place. Coastal cottage anyone? It’s a fine trend, it’s just not my cup of tea.

Christmas Gonks

They are popping up on fire places, ornaments on the tree, door mats and practically everywhere this season. The beloved Christmas gonk is a nordic interpretation of Santa. They have this gnome look to them and feel extremely playful. If you love a casual + cozy take on Christmas, these can be fun to incorporate. While I think they are cute, this is probably not a trend I’ll be racing to incorporate this year.

Me, checking out the Christmas Gonks at Target. Shop the look at pretty much any store with Christmas Decor.

So do tell, which trend is your favorite? Which one will you incorporate this year, if any? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

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