Three trends I hate that might surprise you (and what to do instead)

Trends, they come and go ; they’re cyclical. And now thanks to social media, those trends can spread at lightning fast speed. These three trends that I’m going to dive into today are all flooding Instagram, Pinterest and the like but here’s all the proof you need that just because something is “trending” doesn’t mean you need to copy it. Full disclaimer though, I am just some lady on the internet, so you do you boo. This is all simply my opinion… And you know what they say about those. But if you’re up for the read, I hope this gives you a good understanding of why these looks are no Bueno and what to try instead!

1. All White/Grey/Neutrals

It’s taken the internet by storm but is it actually stylish? I’m seeing so many homes embrace the neutrals, which don’t get me wrong, neutrals are great but what I’m seeing is homes full of white, beige and grey, especially new builds. What this tells me as a designer is that A. You don’t know how to decorate and B. Your home lacks personality. Before you internet slap me, let me explain. What we are seeing with all new builds and a lot of these older homes that have been renovated is that they are painting the interiors a light grey color, which again, grey is fine. Grey is the new beige. But then you add the beige carpet or the hardwood floors, the streamline light fixtures that everyone and their brother has with the silver finish, the grey IKEA couch that we all know and love, the white subway tile back splash, the grey countertops and suddenly we are drowning in a depressing sea of rainy day. It’s a designers nightmare, it has no character and no personality whatsoever. If this sounds like you, fear not! I have a couple of quick tips to instantly add some pizzazz to your space.

First off, don’t be afraid to go for a bold couch! I love the way a colorful velvet sofa adds texture and style to a room. Light pink, emerald green, mustard or dark blue are all classic yet chic choices that would instantly elevate the most boring of rooms. Second, consider repainting OR adding a statement wall. This will give even the most run of the mill home an elevated feel and personalized touch. Lastly, If you just must stick with the neutrals, play around with different textures to create interest. Think about how you can give the space more depth with rugs, throw pillows, blankets and other interesting textures.

2. Minimalism

Thanks to folks like Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Millburn ( Founders of Minimalism has increased in popularity. While I’m all for the philosophy of minimalism and keeping things simple, when we see this look actually play out in interiors it looks sterile, clinical and uninviting. It’s also a very impractical look for most families to be able to maintain. Can we really keep all white walls, furniture, counter tops etc. always looking fresh and tidy? How are we to make memories in a home too precious to live in? Keeping our items to a minimum is a fabulous way to live and we truly can live on so much less than we think, but what I’m afraid minimalism has become is just an aesthetic and that aesthetic is not practical at all for anyone who lives in their home. I’ve also heard lots of folks refer to minimalism as if it’s somehow morally “better than” whatever their current look is. Nothing is wrong with collecting objects that tell your story. This is the exact ingredient that gives a space personality. While clutter is usually not attractive, neither is completely blank spaces. We want to see balance in a space and that means curating a room with objects that bring you joy.

If you like the minimalistic look, great! Pare down as much as you can but keep the things that bring you joy. If you like a more minimal color palette, try to make your space feel inviting with lots of lush fabrics, upholstery and textures. You can also add lots of warm lighting to the space to make it feel more cozy. Lastly, get creative with storage solutions that offer you lots of places to tuck things out of sight.

3.Wicker overload

Okay, those who know me well might be surprised by this one because I have a deep love and affection for all things wicker and rattan. If I see any wicker furniture at a thrift store, estate sale etc. it almost always comes home with me. But I’m seeing lots of folks on the interwebs doing wicker wrong. It looks like wicker threw up all over the home. Wicker chair, wicker table, wicker light fixtures, basket wall, Pampas grass in a neutral vase, it’s a boho babes signature look. And while I love bohemian style, having a room full of wicker is like having a room full of statement pieces and if you add too many, it ends up taking away from the beauty of the piece. Wicker is tasteful, timeless and the perfect way to add interest to a space. But be sure to mix it in with other pieces and textures so the wicker can fully shine.

Love wicker furniture? Paint the walls in a contrasting color to make the wicker pop. Also, balance out the textures in the room by adding brass or gold pieces or some extra soft fabrics. I love to use wicker as my one statement piece in a room and then pick pieces that are different yet coordinate with the wicker.

So to sum everything up, too much of a good thing isn’t good for long. Our spaces should tell our stories, and your story is anything but boring! I hope this gives you some fun ideas of how to take your space up a notch and things to look out for while decorating. Thanks for reading.


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