5 Simple Steps For A Fabulous Fall Family Night

Today is the first day of fall (insert major cheering!!) and what better way to kick off our favorite season than with a party?! This fall kickoff has become an annual tradition at our house filled with yummy treats, boo baskets and of course HOCUS POCUS! Want to host your own fall family night? Here’s some ideas for a simple yet fun fall party the whole family will enjoy.

Step one: gather some spooky treats

You can go all out, or opt for something simple. We usually bake these cookies but it would also be super fun to try a fall theme charcuterie board.

Step two: get cozy

Set the scene with lots of cozy blankets and some string lights or candles. Even adding just a few festive touches can elevate your night from ordinary to super special.

Step three: pick simple activities

We usually paint baby pumpkins and play a fall version of charades but you can set the activities based off your kids ages. Or maybe it’s an adults only party and you play cards against humanity and carve pumpkins, it doesn’t matter what you choose but picking a craft and a game is a simple way to get everyone in the festive mood before movie time.

In the past, we also did this super simple yet delightful craft where we painted bird houses to create our own spooky Halloween village filled with shops like “Lunas tea house” and “Trinity’s Trick & Treat Shop”.

Step four: boo baskets

GIFTS are my love language so I have a blast making these for the kids each year. The boo baskets are filled with fall pajamas, a Halloween book and some fun snacks for during movie time. This is probably the kids favorite part of our fall party 😉

Step five: Grab a favorite fall beverage and watch a fall movie together

Heat up some cider or hot cocoa to enjoy while you watch your favorite fall movie. We watch Hocus Pocus every year but we also love Monster House, Coraline, Nightmare before Christmas, Hubie Halloween and Goosebumps 2. What is your favorite movie for all the fall feels?! Leave a comment so we can watch it.

Whether you follow these simple steps to a tee or not, I hope this inspires you to spend some intentional time with your people this fall. Happy Fall!

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