2021 Fall Decor Trends

Fall is right around the corner and I’ve already got the countdown going! I love fall, the pumpkins (and yes, pumpkin spice everything), apple picking, bonfires, the cozy cardigans and scary movies… it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! I could go on and on about all the things I love about fall, but today I want to chat with you about fall decor trends. As with all trends, use them as a starting point for inspiration. Don’t copy trends you don’t love just because it’s “in”. Have fun with it and enjoy some fresh ideas.

Buffalo plaid is ALL the rage right now.

From pumpkins to pillows, buffalo plaid is having a moment in the spotlight this season, particularly the black & white combo. I love it because its incredibly versatile & doesn’t scream lumberjack like some other plaids do. It’s like plaid got a chic and classy upgrade. I also love how it can be transitioned into the winter months as well. Here’s a few ways we have incorporated this trend into our home for the season.

Keep it classy with neutrals

You’ll notice a step away from the classic black and orange colors of fall as lots of folks are embracing a more neutral color pallet. This includes lots of white, cream, beige and tan. I’ll shoot straight with you, I don’t love this trend because I feel like it fails to embrace those really beautiful colors of the season like burgundy, oranges and yellows. However, it is a nice color pallet to transition us from summer to fall and it does work well in some spaces. If you choose to embrace this trend, just be mindful of keeping your decor from looking flat. Be sure to add lots of texture and shapes to keep things visually interesting. This look is also great for folks who love a more minimalist look.

The front porch is where it’s at

If you were to only decorate one place for fall, let it be your front porch. Don’t have a front porch or live in an apartment? You can still dress up your front door by adding a festive rug and seasonal wreath or garland around the door. These wooden signs for your front porch are also wildly trendy right now and I am not at all mad about it. They don’t take up much space so they work for almost any size front porch but still deliver a lot of impact to the space. So have some fun sprucing up your front porch for fall. These are some of my favorite fall porch decor items.

Cozy is King

As we transition into the cooler months, we are seeing a huge emphasis being put on creating spaces that feel warm and cozy. Think warm lighting, string lights, thick + cozy blankets, candles, lots of layers and super soft fabrics. The key is to create a space that beckons the audience to step in, sit down and stay awhile. Maybe it’s due to all of our time in quarantine that we just need our spaces to feel extra inviting this year. Make sure your space has a low lighting option and opt for warm light over cool light. Also, make blankets easily accessible and have a good spot in your living room for a nice hot mug to rest.

Check out Lindbergh Candle Co for some amazing fall candles that come in scents like Hocus Pocus and Harvest Moon … Perfect for cozying up with on a cool fall evening AND they are made right here in the ATL.

Dark and Moody is still going strong

For the past several seasons we have seen this dark and moody color pallet that includes lots of blacks/greys, deep velvety greens and purples and textures that just look straight up glamorous. Well, the trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and you’ll notice most stores are flooded with velvet pumpkins right now. Fall is a great time to add some drama to your space by contrasting jewel tones with brassy golds and copper. If you want a more fancy look for your fall decor ( rather than the whole farmhouse thing) this is a fabulous option. Keep your space looking cohesive by choosing one or two jewel tones to work with and then play around with using different shades of that one color.

Which fall trends are you most excited to try?! Let us know in the comments!

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