Kitchen Makeover : Part One

I’ve been waiting until we fully finished a room to post it here, but decided that I would show you guys the work in progress. Let’s be real, there’s probably always going to be more I’d like to do, especially in the kitchen where our family spends so much of our time. As our family continues to grow and evolve, so does our space. But we’ve created a beautiful backdrop for where our family is at right now ; a backdrop that gets to witness our day unfolding with each breakfast, lunch and dinner…and maybe fifth and sixth snack 🙂

These are the pictures I took on the day we first went to look at the home before we even put our offer in on the house! It’s a way smaller kitchen than I’m used to having but I have plans to make a custom L bench in the corner with a different dining table which will open up the dining space a bit. We also have a huge deck that we have set up for outdoor dining and we utilize on a daily basis, weather permitting. I knew I wanted the kitchen to be colorful and happy, but since it’s such a small space, I stuck with a pastel color pallet to keep things light and airy. Anyways, onward to the before pictures!

Here’s a summary of what we’ve done so far:

  • Painted the cabinets
  • Painted the walls this beautiful pastel color for happy tones and a hint of whimsy
  • Hand painted this accent wall to mock wallpaper (Pros: much cheaper & faster than applying wallpaper and can easily be painted over if we want to change things up later)
  • Added shelving to create space for cook books, plants etc.
  • Removed cabinet doors above sink to make the things we use everyday even more accessible, especially for the kids. It mimics open shelving, which I love, but at a much lower price point and
  • Switched out the light fixture above the dining room table for a more modern/bohemian feel

&& Here’s what’s still on the list to be done:

  • Update the sink with a more modern, white, farmhouse sink
  • Create L bench in the corner & switch out the dining room table with something that fits the space better.
  • Replace the tiles that have the fruit motif on them
  • Update microwave and dishwasher
  • And whatever else I think of along the way 😉

One of the things that I told Fred when we first got married, is that I always wanted fresh cut flowers in my kitchen. Might seem a little high maintenance but it’s a simple thing that brings me so much joy. Fred has been a doll to make sure I always have fresh flowers on my counter, no matter what. I love that we now have our own flower garden so I can also clip my own fresh bouquets (like the one above). Over all, I love that our kitchen is a happy space and I’m pleased with how far it’s come! Thanks so much for keeping up with our little home in progress.

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