20 Easter Basket Ideas (that aren’t junk)

Our kids love holidays and all of the goodies that come along with them, and I LOVE coming up with creative gift baskets for everyone (gifts are my love language) so it’s no surprise that Easter baskets are a big deal at our house. But between four kiddos, and Fred and I both being neat freaks, neither of us can stand spending our hard earned money on cheap junk that our kids are just going to break and litter all over the floor. I know I’m not alone in wanting to gift my children with meaningful toys that will actually get used and not just destroyed, so I’ve compiled a list of some fun items to fill those Easter baskets with that will be sure to spark joy for the whole family. But before we get to the list, here’s a couple things you’ll want to consider.

Think themed baskets. If your kid has a certain hobby, fill their basket with supplies for said hobby. Think a basket full of art supplies with cutie paint brushes and finger paints or gel pens and washi tape with a cute notebook. I love arts and craft baskets because all of the supplies are things my kids already use on a daily basis but it feels extra fun when they come grouped together in a special basket topped with a bow!

Rethink traditional Easter baskets. This year we opted for cute rope storage baskets for the older kids over the typical Easter basket. You could also find cute baskets at the thrift store that could also work as storage for toys, art supplies, etc. Or even opt for something totally different like a cute spring purse or backpack filled with all the Easter goodies. In the past, we have even done new rain boots or crocks stuffed with candy in lieu of Easter baskets.

Now onto the list:

1. Stickers, gel pens, markers, finger paints, paint brushes and other art supplies

2. New hair stuff (bows, hair ties, velvet scrunchies, wet brush)

3. Chalk

4. New crocs, rainboots or spring shoes for the season filled with chocolate eggs

5. Bath bombs, bubble bath and a new bath sponge

6. Nail polish in spring colors

7. Sunglasses (this is a favorite tradition each year at our house)

8. Sand toys if you have a sandbox or are planning a trip to the beach soon

9. A cutie teether like this one

10. Special snacks (fruit snacks, special granola bars, puffs etc.)

11. A new spring dress or outfit

12. A bubble blower and bubbles

13. Magazine subscription

14. New books

15. A Hammock in a bag (and for only $5?!)

16. Outdoor games like jumbo jenga or cornhole

17. Cute accessories and décor for their room ( this doesn’t have to be expensive, just opt for a few small goodies)

18. Modeling clay (our fam loves model magic!)

19. Kids gardening tools (This set has gotten a lot of use at our house)

20. Backpack charms/ keychains like this one.

I hope this list gets your wheels turning and inspires you to pick out some extra fun goodies this year! I’m still putting the final touches on our Easter baskets but will be sure to update you guys and show yall the finished product.

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