Summer Accessories FAVES

You guys! I have been MIA! I am so sorry! There has been so much going on behind the scenes at the Jackson Casa, stuff I really hope I can share with you soon, but the month of June was CRAY. Anyways, I’m hopping on today to share some of my favorite summer accessories. These are my go to items to spice up any outfit, any day of the week.

Statement Earrings

One of my ear holes had grown back, so I recently re-pierced it. I have been applying lavender oil and peppermint oil on it each day to help with the hot, itchy feelings. Anyways, I’m thrilled to be able to wear statement earrings again so here’s a few of my favorites.

(Top left: Clay earrings made by me// Top right: Gold earrings from Premier Design// Bottom: Tassel earrings from Hobby Lobby)

Tip: Love statement earrings but have an allergy to anything that’s not real gold? Grab some gold hooks like these and you can simply use some needle nose pliers to switch out just the hooks on your earrings.

Team Scrunchie

Who else grew up making scrunchies? No? Just me? Well, I love the scrunchie trend, specifically the velvet ones. I got all of my scrunchies at five and below.

Tip: Short folks, rejoice. It gets old having to always cut/hem the bottoms of your maxi dresses, skirts etc. BUT you can keep the fabric left overs and make a super simple no sew scrunchie with it that matches your outfit exactly!

Noteworthy Shoes

Every summer wardrobe needs a great summer sandal…. or preferably several. If you’re looking to snaz up your shoe collection on a budget, consider getting a black pair of sandals and a cognac brown pair. These two pairs will give you endless options and will literally go with anything. These are on my wishlist currently (hoping to get them before my beach trip) and this is the pair I’m wearing on the daily.

Summer bags

This could be an entire separate post on it’s own, but for today I’m sharing just the essentials. For summer, a great tote bag is perfect for pool days, picnics, sandy beach trips, farmers market strolls etc. This bag is on my wishlist. Also, a small travel bag that you can wear on those summer adventures is key. Maybe it’s a backpack or a cute fanny pack like this one, but either way make sure it’s something that can hold all of your essentials but light weight enough to carry around for extended periods of time. This is my everyday bag below that holds books, bottles, diapers, journals, keys phone and everything in between. I got this at ROSS back in the fall.

Okay friends! I hope this gives you some fun ideas of how to up your accessories game this week. What one accessory are you wearing on repeat this summer?

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