Kids & Oils

You guys know I love oils and that we have a house full of babies so of course I’ve found a thousand and one different ways to make these two things go together. Today, I wanted to collect some of my favorite ways we use oils and compile them all in one easy to access spot! Of course there are literally endless ways to use oils and you have to find what works for you, but these are some of our most loved + tried and true oil remedies.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and these do not replace medical care. As with anything else related to your children, please use your best judgement!

CBD Calm Oil. This little miracle bottle is one of our most beloved oils. Not only does it have CBD, but it also has lavender and vetiver, which are two of my most favorite oils. We roll it on the kids before bed each night and also use it to support their emotions. One of my daughters wrestles with severe bouts of anxiety, so this is a must have for her.

Seedlings Calm. We always add a couple of drops of this to the kids bathwater to make bath time a calming evening ritual. It smells amazing!! I also love to diffuse this one in the kids room at night while they sleep.

Teething Roller. This has helped our little guy with teething and has me wishing I was using oils more consistently with my older two. I combined lavender + Copiaba in a roller and topped it off with fractionated coconut oil. I apply it along his jawline and cheeks multiple times throughout the day. The cool thing is, both of these oils are also calming so I also rub this up and down his spine before bed! He has come to love this oil and requests it every night before bed. And he’s only two! How fun is that?!

Immune booster blend. This is the roller we go through faster than any other roller in our house! We apply this up and down the spine on each child, morning and evening. When the kiddos are fighting off something Icrease the amount of times I apply this to every other hour or so. Keep those immune systems strong with thieves + lemon oil. I leave oregano out of this kids roller because it is a hot oil and I don’t want any skin sensitivities. However, when I make my own immune roller, I also include oregano.

Tantrum Tamer. Being a little kid is to be full of many big emotions. So I always like to keep one of these tantrum tamers on hand to help soothe some of the frustration these guys get. Our tantrum tamer has Orange, Peace and Calming & Lavender. I also love to blend Valor & Vetiver. We roll this on the kids chest and spine when they are having a rough time and encourage them to practice deep breathing (what can I say, I’m a yoga teacher all the way).

Boo Boo Roller: Anyone else have a drama queen in the family? Yeah, our family is full of them but one child way more than the others. That’s where a boo boo roller comes in handy for those microscopic cuts that feel larger than life. Okay, they actually really do help with cuts big and small, but thankfully we mostly only need it for the small stuff. I combined Lavender, Frankincense and Tea tree oil in a roller with fractionated coconut oil and apply this to all those random bumps, scrapes and cuts that kids get. It’s great for the skin and great for soothing their little emotions.

Chest Rub. Nothing is worse than when sickness hits your household. You just sit there, waiting for each member of the family to drop like flies, succumbed to the illness. What’s even worse, is a couple of our kiddos refuse to take medicine orally. Trinity will spit it back in your face before she will swallow kids cough syrup. That’s where oils come into play! We dilute them way down with coconut oil and switch between Peppermint, Eucalyptus or Raven rubbed all over the chest. We also diffuse these same oils while they sleep to help with breathing.

Jaden with his teething roller. Gotta have it!

Honestly, I feel like there’s probably so many other ways we use oils with the kids that I am forgetting, but that’s a wrap for now. Don’t be surprised if I come back and update this later with even more of our favorites! What I love about using oils in general is how versatile they are. For example, one bottle of lavender can be used for kids sleep support, to add in their bath water, to put on bug bites or scrapes, to help calm emotions, to add to their moisturizer when they get out of the bath, to use in their hair and the list goes on. All from one little bottle of oil. These things are amazing my friends and they make your mom job so much easier. Seriously, I want every mom that I know and love to have these bottles in her toolkit not just for her kids, but for herself too. If you wanna know more about getting started with oils, click here.

Also, how cute is this owl diffuser that also doubles as a night light and sound machine?! It is so fun. His name is feather and you’ll catch him all over our house diffusing. Alright. That is all my friends. Talk soon!

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