The Weekly Tea (5/8/20)

Happy Friday Friends! Here we are at the end of another week. Since Mothers day is this weekend, I thought I would share things I’m loving, motherhood edition. Consider these my #momlife essentials. Wrangling four tiny people is no easy feat, buuuut there’s a few things I’ve learned along the way to lighten the load.

1. Cute, supportive shoes. Yall, I’m not even thirty yet but this baby chasing stuff is serious business. Do yourself a favor and grab some shoes that make you feel cute and also offer support for your tired mama feet. I love my Yara Birkenstocks for in the summer and converse with added arch support inserts.

2. An awesome diaper bag. My friend gave me this diaper bag at my last baby shower (Thanks Abby!) and it has been a game changer. I personally love the backpack style and it doesn’t look cheesy if I need Fred or my dad to carry it. Get a diaper bag that matches with your personal style so you’ll absolutely love it. Trust me, it’s worth it. I use mine as my purse as well. If you want to pack light you’ll also want one of these (another generous gift from my friend Pam). This is great for packing just the essentials.

3. Essential oils. Because we use them in a million different ways for our kiddos, I’ve created an entire separate post about all the ways to make your momming job easier with oils. To name just a few, we use them to help calm those little anxious nerves, for sleep support, immune support, bug bites and boo boos, hair, skin and everything in between. I also use them to help support my hormones and mood.

4. A quality water bottle. We all know staying hydrated is important but what if you constantly are having to carry around other people and worry about them knocking your cup over or drinking your water? Then you need something that won’t spill or break. I use to be a huge fan of glass water bottles before kids, but now I am obsessed with my hydroflask because of how dang sturdy it is. It never leaks and my son literally threw it down the mountain last week and it did not break! These hold up extremely well and are great for using at home or on the go. I much prefer the one with the straw lid, like I’ve linked above.

5. This is not a product that makes mom life easier, but one of the most important factors for keeping everyone in our house sane and that is daily quiet time. Each day after lunch, everyone goes to their separate spaces and does whatever they want quietly. The kids can read a book or play with toys or watch a movie but whatever they choose has to be done in quiet and alone. This midday recharge is the perfect time for mom to grab a cup of coffee, get work done or take a nap. I also notice the kids are usually less snappy with each other during the last half of the day when they have had that little time apart in the afternoon. Even though your kids may have outgrown naps, they’re never too old for some quiet time!

I’m gonna be real with yall, these past few weeks I have been tired. In a tired to the bone, my soul aches kind of way. Days with little kids feel long. They are full of demands. And then add work and the all the other requirements of life on top of that. I ache for play dates, taking the kids to the playground, and dinners at chick-fila. I feel like I’m drowning in all of the demands of motherhood, completely unseen. Day in and day out with these little people and absolutely no end or break in sight. Momming is hard. But mommying during a pandemic? It feels impossible.

So here’s your reminder to love on & check on your mom friends. You can still leave goodies on their porches or send them a note of encouragement even during quarantine! And to all the other moms, struggling right now and feeling so unappreciated and unseen, I pray for strength for us. That we will find joy in our work and know that no good deed goes unseen. I pray we will offer grace upon grace to ourselves, our families and all of those that we encounter. The work is hard, it’s exhausting, but it is so very important and beautiful all at the same time. Let’s give ourselves permission to feel all the feels, both good and bad. Together, we will get through this. Much Love!!

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