Mothers Day Gift Guide

In case you still haven’t gotten your mom a gift for mothers day yet, I’m here to get your mental wheels turning! Gifts are my love language. When I want to show someone I care about them, my first instinct is to think “What can I give this person to show them that I think they are the Bee’s Knees?” I love love love blessing others through gifts. However, gift giving can be tricky for those in your life who you gift to year after year. You run out of good ideas. They have everything. You’ve given all the fancy gadgets. So my hope is that this gift guide will give you fresh ideas for how to bless the mamas in your life this year!

1. Think about Essentials. What does your mom use everyday and how could you get her a more luxurious version of something she uses daily? Maybe it’s a fresh set of pajamas or a gift certificate to get new undies. Or maybe it’s a fancy shampoo set or a really nice facewash. Help your mom upgrade her essentials!

2. Think about what your mom is really into and get her a fun tee-shirt to match. Maybe your mom is an avid gardener and you could get her a crazy plant lady tee shirt or maybe she spends her summer days at the lake and needs a super cute lake life tee to sport around. Etsy and online retailers have tee shirts with all the sayings. Custom tee shirts are one of my favorites!

3. Something sentimental. If you haven’t gone the sentimental route in a few years, maybe it’s time to get crafty and make something special for mom. Pinterest is of course filled with loads of ideas but a few of my favorites are a) a jar filled with heart shaped love notes, each listing something you love or appreciate about mom b) a framed picture of you and your mom or of her grandkids etc. c) a custom watercolor painting of her home or of the family, pets etc. OR d) bake her a favorite dessert.

4. Something Buji. You know I think everyone on this planet needs essential oils in their home. Not to just sit on a shelf and look pretty but to be used day in and day out. So snag your mom (or yourself) a Young Living premium starter kit so she can have all the oils she needs to get started and a stellar diffuser. Click here to grab a kit from me.

5. Think Local. Last but certainly not least, think of the small businesses in your community who sell goods, services or memberships and grab your mom a gift from someone local. Not only will you help support a small business owner, but you’ll also be getting your mothers day shopping done so it’s a win win! Gift her with a month membership to her favorite yoga studio or a gift certificate to a locally owned restaurant or boutique.

I hope this gives you some ideas what to get for mom or at least sparks some ideas for you! Now, let’s get to the fun, what do YOU want for Mother’s Day? Leave it in the comments!

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