The Weekly Tea (5/1/20)

Good afternoon friends! As I write this, I’m curled up in my favorite writing chair, drinking my afternoon coffee while relishing in the miraculous fact that somehow every single member of my household is asleep right now. It’s that glorious afternoon quiet time. The sunlight is flooding in my big, open window seat and the sky is a deep shade of brilliant blue. Has anyone else noticed the beautiful spring we have been gifted with this year? Rather than switching from winter to blazing hot summer over night, we have had this awesome season of genuine spring. I am really excited for May and have some awesome giveaways, guest writers and other exciting things lined up for you guys! This month is all about motherhood. Celebrating the good parts, holding each other in the difficult parts and connecting with one another through each and every season. We want to hold space for mothers of every journey and walk. Those in the trenches with new babies, those grieving lost babies or unconceived babies, those who have had biological babies and those with adopted babies, and those extra seasoned with babies who have long since left the nest. We are honoring and celebrating it all, right here on the blog for the entire month of May. Because we will be having a flood of motherhood posts, I have created a section of the blog dedicated specifically to this. So read along and tell all yo mama friends to come read too!

Now, as for what I’ve been loving this week, I’ve been doing quiet a few DIY’s and thought I’d share a few of them with you. Do something with your hands this weekend.

1. Check out this sunburst mirror that was made completely from dollar tree stuff! It’s crazy easy to make and all you need is a small mirror, pop sickle sticks or some kind of wooden dowels and a hot glue gun. Just glue the sticks to the outer edge of the mirror, glue a loop of string on the back to you can hang and viola! Your sunburst mirror is ready to shine.

2. Bonding over homemade hair spray? In this house, yes. We love this simple mermaid hair spray and all the girls in our home use it daily. It’s super simple to make. All you need is a glass spray bottle, Lavender, Rosemary and Cedarwood Essential oils and water. You can also add a small amount of conditioner if you want it to be more of a detangling spray for curly hair. I added 15 drops of each oil mentioned above, a drop of conditioner and filled the rest of the bottle with water. Every morning and evening the girls ask for their mermaid hair spray and we bond over spraying, brushing and fixing hair.

3. Caramel cake anyone? I made one of these to celebrate my dads birthday last week and it was delightful! It’s super sweet but crazy good. Here’s the recipe I used. It’s not the prettiest cake I’ve made (I’m still working on making my cakes look better) but it’s one of the tastiest!

In other news, I’m really trying to grow my blog in the month of May so please help me spread the heck out of this little blog by sharing, liking, commenting and subscribing. Love you guys and hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

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