The Weekly Tea (4/17)

Happy Friday beautiful people. I hope this week has been good to you and that you are being gentle with yourself during these crazy times. I’ve been a little off this week. I have a wicked knee injury that doesn’t seem to be healing despite my taking the week off from jogging and trying to rest it. My hormones are all over the place having me feel all out of sorts. It’s so much easier to tell other people to show grace to themselves than to actually practice what I preach. But I am choosing to see this as an opportunity to extend love, grace and care to myself. I’m embracing radical kindness towards myself and others. Enough about that though, let’s spill the tea!

Here’s what I’m loving this week…

1. This book right here. Wild and Free by Jess Connoly and Hayley Morgan is spittin’ some serious TRUTH! I am half way through the book and loving every chapter more and more. It speaks to the woman who feels like she’s not enough, to the woman who feels like she’s too much and to the woman who feels both all at the same time. This book has me saying “YAAAS girl” again and again. Next on my reading list (also by Jess Connoly is You Are The Girl For The Job).

2. Creating fresh and colorful spaces throughout our home. I have been in purge mode this week as I’ve been trying to get my art studio in order. I also made over the kids playroom, one of the kids bed rooms and my office space. Normally I would hit up my local thrift store for cute home décor finds, but with everything going on, I’ve had to get creative. I’m picking up cute décor that I see when I go to the grocery store (about the only place I allow myself to go these days) and pulling things from other rooms in the house. I also have been working on some fun DIY home décor that I can’t wait to share with you next week! It’s been fun and therapeutic to see these fun spaces come together. Who else is doing some major spring cleaning during this quarantine?

3. Teething Roller to the rescue! Poor Jaden has been cutting another molar this week which has meant lots of crankiness + lots of tears and rosy cheeks. I combined lavender and copaiba in a roller with fractionated coconut oil and roll this from behind his ear all the way down his jawline. SO thankful to have something natural I can give my little guy for relief.

At home, we have been working in the garden a lot this week. It’s been so fun to see a lot of our seedlings beginning to sprout! While I had originally planned to renew my plot at the community garden this year, I ended up opting for creating a new garden in our yard so I could work on it during nap time and check it more frequently. Again, with everything going on, we had to get really creative and make our garden out of stuff we already had. We used old pallets to create raised garden beds and we are planning to grab free mulch from the county. I upcycled plastic pastry containers for mini greenhouses and used egg shells to start seedlings in. My next project is to make plant markers out of river rocks. The garden has been a delightful project!

I’ve also been getting in a good blogging routine which I’m super excited about. I hope you guys have enjoyed this little corner of the internet and that it continues to inspire + encourage your soul. Have something you want to see more of on the blog? Let me know!

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