Postpartum Style Essentials

Alright, So you just had a baby and your body feels all sorts of different. Hello birthing hips! Hello to sagging skin in places you didn’t even know could sag… Hello mom bod. But having a mom bod doesn’t have to be so bad after all. Can you still feel sexy after having four kids? Ab-so-freakin-lutely! The steps to get there? Exercise, eating well and dressing well. Today we are going to talk about dressing that beautiful postpartum bod of yours!

Let’s just start off with a gentle reminder that it took your body nine months to grow this babe, so it very well may take nine months for your body to find it’s new normal. I don’t say this to discourage you but rather to set some realistic expectations. I have found with all of my kids that it usually takes right about twelve months for my body to go back to ‘normal’. Obviously, everyone’s body and experience is different but this is what I’ve found is normal for me and I don’t know about you but I don’t want to feel frumpy for an entire year. I also don’t want to splurge on a bunch of clothes I know I’m going to shrink out of. So I’ve found a style plan that works for that tricky postpartum period. Here’s the basics!

1. Hold onto to those maternity bottoms. For those first few months after giving birth, you can still wear your maternity jeans and leggings. They’re comfortable plus easy to pair with a loose fitting top. Your pre-pregnancy shirts are likely to fit waaaaay before your pre-pregnancy jeans so get a little more wear out of those maternity jeans and wear them with a regular top or nursing top. On the bright side, they are usually super comfortable too!

2. Invest in one to three bottoms that fit you now. These could be shorts, jeans, skirts or whatever falls in line with your personal style and the season. Since we are in spring, I got a pair of shorts and a pair of jeans that fit my body now (pictured below). Wearing clothes that are too small for you/too tight actually make you look even more overweight. Do yourself a favor and flatter the body that you currently have rather than trying to squeeze into jeans that no longer fit. Sweats, leggings and stretchy pants are also great but don’t include them here. Buy a pair or two of nice bottoms.

3. Flowy dresses, elastic waist bottoms, and loose fitting tops are all your friends. But just cause your postpartum doesn’t mean dress like a bum. Putting even just a little bit of effort into your look can go a long way at helping you feel better. You can also use this time to take your look up a notch with fun accessories. New shoes and bling will fit your body no matter what. You are still worthy, still beautiful and still desirable in this newfound body of yours!

What I’m wearing these days….

Outfit details: Pants – Wild Fable brand from Target. Top – Goodwill find. Necklace – Made by yours truly. Shoes – Aldi.
Outfit Details: Shorts – Target (and they have a stretchy waistband!!) Shirt – Target. Shoes – Five and below. Bag – Ross.

Thankfully mom jeans have made a comeback (Praise!!) and I’ve seen lots of stores offering elastic waist shorts for spring. I’m also loving jumpsuits. I’m unable to nurse, so I’m not sure how nursing friendly they are but they are super comfy and an easy way to feel put together. Don’t let your postpartum body keep you from feeling fabulous! With just a few wardrobe adjustments, you can be cookin’ up all sorts of fab new outfits. Embrace those curves baby!! What has been one of your favorite postpartum essentials?

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