The Weekly Tea (4/10)

Ahh… it’s a good, Good Friday. By 9 am, I had already gotten my 10,000 steps in, hiked to the top of a mountain to watch the sunrise and hiked back down, showered, eaten breakfast, prayed and meditated. Lest you go thinking I have my life together, let me tell you this is rare. Like this maybe only happens a few times a year kind of rare. And none of this ever would’ve happened had it not been for some sweet, encouraging friends. I’m normally the last one out of bed in the morning, rolling out from under the covers around 10 am, trying to decide which morning tasks I can move to be evening tasks. I am not a morning person, even though I’ve always wanted to be one. I want to be that girl that wakes up at 6 am, works out, meditates, speaks affirmations, eats a kale smoothie and is ready to seize the day in a great outfit with a full face of makeup by 8 am. But most days, I am not her. And that’s okay. But for today, I am her and I am going to be joyful and excited that I got to begin my day watching the sunrise followed by sharing some of my favorite things with you guys! So let’s start this day with grateful hearts. What are you grateful for or excited about this morning?


Okay, let’s get into what I’ve been loving this week.

  1. Sydney Cummings workouts on YouTube. Big shout out to my incredible sister for letting me know about these! My sister is the queen of working out so of course when I knew I wanted to step up my exercise routine, I went straight to her for recommendations. Sydney has tons of workouts on her channel, there is truly something for everyone. This week, I have been doing her 10 minute couch cardio sessions after my 30 minute jog. As spring turns to summer and it’s too hot to exercise outside, I’ll probably start incorporating her 60 minute workouts.
  2. New Art Supplies. Anyone else treated themselves to new art supplies since quarantine? I picked up some new Crayola markers (thanks Walmart clearance) and they have brought me so much joy this week. Proof that joy is found in the little things. I’ve been taking some time each evening before bed to draw flowers, make funky shapes, and put to paper whatever my little heart desires. I haven’t made art with colored markers in years, literally my Fashion Design 101 class was probably the last time and that was 8 years ago!! What childhood hobby could you pick back up and nurture during this unusual season?
  3. My shirt from The Fern Folk. Yall how cute is this oily tee?! I’ve been wanting a cute oil shirt for summer so I can represent one of my all time favorite brands #younglivingforlife when I found the Fern Folk. Her stuff is seriously so cute. She also has shirts for the littles and they are adorable!!



As for what’s been happening on the home front, I have really been coming back to my word for 2020 which is “contentment”. As a recovering perfectionist and lifelong achiever, I have always lived for the next achievement, for reaching the next milestone, for taking the next big leap of faith. While I don’t think these are bad things in and of themselves, I do believe their needs to be a place where all of my strivings cease. A place where I’m content. A time to slow down and bask in simplicity.

So I’ve been on a journey of practicing what this look like. Coming back to my achievement mentality, I thought that contentment was a destination that I could reach, one more thing that I could achieve. But I’m finding it’s a more of a choice that I consciously choose each day. It’s monotony, it’s mundane, it’s trust, it’s grace, it’s faithfulness with the small. It’s finding stillness among the dirty dishes and mountains of laundry. It’s a moment by moment choosing that I must partake in. It’s not a flashy destination, it’s a humble lifestyle.

So, as a family, we have been evaluating which pieces of our life could we strip away in order to find more simplicity. How can we create space in our daily rhythm? What does true rest look like for us collectively and as individuals? Striving is great. Setting goals and blasting them outta the dang park is great. But all of that is nothing if we can’t press pause and enjoy where we are right now. So here’s to more slowing down, to more gratitude, to more deep breathes, to more lazy days with no agenda or to do list, to more love making and less time keeping, to more making art, memories, and messes in the kitchen. We often say we want the slow life, but when presented with it, will we take the opportunity? Or will we run around in circles wishing life away? I’m gonna seize the opportunity to practice contentment and simplify the heck outta my life! Hope you get to do the same.




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