My Minimalist Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

This really is the last one… I’ve said it before and here I am saying it again. Either way, I had gotten rid of all my maternity clothes when I found out I was pregnant with number four. And being my sustainably obsessed self, I didn’t want to buy clothes I was going to wear for nine months and literally never wear again. The thought of it made me cringe. So I opted for what I wish I had done with the first three pregnancies and I made myself a super simple capsule wardrobe that only has a handful of maternity staples. I have been able to mix and match these pieces with regular (non maternity) clothes so I’m covered throughout my entire pregnancy. Read on for how you can create your own super simple, conscious, maternity wardrobe!

Here’s the backbone of my maternity wardrobe. These are the only actual maternity clothes I have in my capsule collection. As you notice, everything is super basic.



Below you’ll see eight super easy looks I put together using the maternity staples above and some non-maternity outerwear.

Here’s a few tips for creating your own Maternity Capsule Wardrobe!

  1. Stick with the basics. For all of my maternity tops, I opted for solid colors or stripes and stuck with all neutrals. It’s much easier to mix and match solid, neutral pieces. I changed up my look with seasonally appropriate colors by adding non-maternity pieces such as a cardigan or in the summer, a statement necklace or flowy kimono. You can change each look up so much just by altering your accessories. Use the basics to build the foundation for your outfit and then add accessories to spice up your look.
  2. Play around! Don’t be afraid to try that sundress as a shirt or if your favorite shirt now fits like a Winnie the Pooh crop top, try pairing it with a maxi skirt pulled up over your belly.
  3. Plan for what you wear the most. If you work in an office and need office appropriate attire five days out of the week, then stick to buying mostly office friendly maternity attire. Since I literally just teach yoga all day everyday or work from home, most of my wardrobe consists of yoga pants and yoga friendly tops.

I have loved having a capsule wardrobe and how much easier it has made getting ready each morning. I wanted to mention I have also been able to still use a few non-maternity pieces to bulk up my wardrobe a little bit for example, a pair of olive green joggers and a pair of black joggers that I pair with my maternity tops and wear on repeat. Also, I wanted to clarify that all of my outerwear is non-maternity. Creating a capsule maternity wardrobe is a great + sustainable alternative and makes life so much easier! What about you? Have you tried the capsule wardrobe trend yet?



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