Giving Your Home All The Cozy Vibes This Winter

As I’m writing this post, I’m currently snuggled up on the couch with my four year old under a soft, fuzzy blanket sipping on hot coco I made for us. The window is cracked open so a cool breeze is blowing in on us and we can hear the gentle pitter patter of the rain outside (it’s finally in the 60s in Georgia Yall!!). Our salt lamp is on and a gentle glow of string lights illuminates our mantel full of pumpkins and spooky potions (really just moms Essential Oil experiments). I love this time of year and creating a cozy environment in my home is one of my all time favorite things to do. Our house was built in the early 1900’s so has tons of old house character and charm and already comes with a built in cozy cabin vibe but with some styling, I’ve made it extra cozy for these upcoming rainy winter months, because let’s be real, all we get is rain the south #bummed.


So I’ve compiled my top ten favorite ways to add cozy vibes to your space this fall/winter. If you try some of these things, please let me know! I always love seeing and hearing how you guys are using the inspiration you gather here to transform your wardrobe or living space.

  1. Lighting is everything! I really can’t emphasize this enough. Think string lights, salt lamps, table lamps, candles, anything that creates a warm glow. Lighting has this incredible power to set the mood for our spaces so opt for warm lights. These are lights that give off a more yellow lighting rather than a bright LED kind of white light (which has blue undertones). Interior stylist have been using lighting to give a room a certain vibe for years, so do yourself a favor and switch up your lighting for a cozy warm glow!
  2. Soft, fuzzy blankets where ever you can put them. I am a huge fan of blankets. To the point where even when I go to someone’s house, the first thing I look for is if they have any blankets I can use while I sit on their couch. Totally silly, I know, but blankets give us this incredible sense of not only warmth but of comfort and security. So do yourself and your guests a favor by having plenty of warm blankets where you can easily access them. I like to put them in a basket near all of my couches and arm chairs, basically as an unspoken invite to cozy up and stay awhile.
  3. Change out your bedding, change up your life. If your bed sucks, get a new one. You want your bed to be a place of deep rest (and maybe also deep play if you know what I mean) so invest in a quality bed over any other piece of furniture in your home. You can thank for me later for this. If you already have an incredible mattress or it’s just not in the budget right now, switch up your bedding and add tons of cozy blankets and pillows so you can rest well (and warmly) all winter long!
  4. Get yourself some house shoes. Don’t be gross and wear your shoes inside. There’s so much research that’s been done about how many germs we track in on our shoes and in the winter we are typically slushing through snow and rain anyways so grab yourself a fuzzy pair of house shoes or slippers that you only wear inside. Take your shoes off on your porch or make yourself a mudroom if you don’t have one already where you and your guests can take off + store their shoes as soon as they enter. Your home is a sacred space, keep it that way by ditching your shoes at the door. And besides, who doesn’t love a cozy pair of slippers?
  5. Spend some time in the kitchen. I know we live in a crazy busy society that doesn’t allow much time to gather in the kitchen with your people but there’s nothing quiet as special and sacred as gathering with your loved ones over a warm bowl of soup or a yummy loaf of fresh bread. We are literally nourishing each other physically and emotionally when we do this. Bonds are created over food, walls fall down when we share in someone else’s traditional tastes from home, and some of the best memories are made over food. Take some time to gather with your loved ones over food this winter. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, but carve out some time for bonding in the kitchen. Find an easy soup, bread, or cookie recipe you can make on repeat during the cooler months.
  6. Bring nature indoors. Even when it’s too cold for you to go outside, we still crave nature as humans at a deep, subconscious level. Bring some ever green clippings indoors and put them in a vase or stock up on houseplants so you can be surrounded by greenery even in those cold, barren months of winter. Houseplants help us breathe better and can help uplift our mood.
  7. Create a reading nook. Nothing says cozy like curling up in an oversized sweater with a thick blanket and a great book. If you don’t already have a reading space somewhere in your home, create one! Get a cushy armchair, some throw pillows, blankets (duh) and maybe even a small bookshelf to fill with your favorite books. Create a reading space that invites you, that beckons and calls you to sink and stay for awhile.
  8. Stock up on warm beverages. In the same way you might create a bar cart to display your favorite booze, set up a bar cart or similar station in your kitchen where you can prep plenty of warm beverages. If your not a coffee drinker, set up a tea station with a variety of herbal teas, honey, cute tea cups and maybe even some herbs or spices to sprinkle over top. Whatever your hot drink of choice may be, make sure your always fully stocked to make yourself a warm cup of yummy goodness on a cold morning or even to offer to a guest who randomly stops by.
  9. Warm your space up with textiles. I love reading books about Hygge (a Nordic way of coziness) and highly recommend checking out blogs or books on the topic. These gals are seriously experts when it comes to creating cozy spaces. However, what I’m about to say would make my Danish friends cringe but it’s one of my favorite ways to warm up a space and that is adding textiles!! By this I mean rugs, woven tapestries on the walls, quilts, fiber arts, funky floor cushions, faux sheepskins, etc. Especially if you have hardwood floors or tile. Adding a rug to a room can instantly amp up the cozy vibes and keeps your feet off the cold hardwood floors. It also invites guests to sit on the floor when you have a big crowd of people or to play with the kids on the rug. Adding fabric to the walls (in the form of tapestry or wall art) also adds warmth and texture to a space.
  10. Fire whenever possible. If you’re fortunate enough to have a working fire place, light that baby up! If not, consider getting a gas or electric fire place. Electric fireplaces are great for renters because they are easily portable and don’t leave behind soot the way gas fireplaces can. While it’s a fake flame, it still warms your space literally and it creates a warm and inviting ambiance. This is a great option for the bedroom or the family room. If you’re not quiet ready to commit to some kind of fire place, consider lining a table with tons of white, unscented candles so you can have them all burning at the same time to create a beautiful warm glow.


If you incorporate even a few of these in your space, I promise you it will start to feel more cozy! If you try any of these ten tips in your space, tag me on Instagram @thelizzyjackson with pictures of your cozy space for a chance to win a free room spray! I’ll choose a winner at the end of this month (October). Wishing you all a fabulous and cozy fall and winter.


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