Most Candid Intro to Young Living from Yours Truly

Oh no, she’s started selling Essential Oils! Get ready for your newsfeed to fill up with annoying-ness and be told how everything you’ve been buying is complete shit and the only way your life will be good is if you buy this bottle of lavender. We’ve all seen our friends hop on the Essential Oil train or any other multi level marketing thing that becomes a wave they ride for a short time before it fizzles out. We’ve all been to those home parties where we felt pressured to buy something we don’t really want. I personally, have always loved the multi level marketing business model and find it incredibly interesting. But for those of you who think they are annoying pyramid schemes, I want to start this post off by saying “I see you, I hear you and you have every right to feel that way.”

The fact of the matter is, we all feel devalued when some snob from high school who treated us like complete shit DMs us with a miracle product that we’ve got to have and a life changing opportunity to make easy money from home. First off, there is no such thing as ‘easy money from home.’ As any good business owner knows, the only way to make money is to work your tail off. And this same rule applies for ranking up in a multi level marketing business. Can it still be fun? Ab-so-freakin-lutely! But is it still going to be work? You bet! Is it going to be worth it? Only you can decide that and that is a topic for another post.


Today, however, I wanted to share a little bit of my heart and why I started a business with Young Living. I have worked for multiple small businesses and owned multiple small businesses, including brick and mortar, and currently work in small business management. Business is my passion through and through. The reason I felt led to pursue a business with Young Living on top of my day job is simple. I freakin’ love the products. I have been using Essential Oils for five years. Five years yall. This is no fad or band wagon I’m hopping on to hop off in two months. These things have become a part of my daily life and routine. They help me manage my emotional health, they help me keep my house fresh and clean, they help my family when we are battling cold and flu season, the list goes on and on. These are products I use in my home on a daily basis. And because I’m buying them and using them all the time, I might as well get paid for sharing!

Secondly, healing is a passion of mine. I work with clients and students daily to help them find healing through yoga and meditation. I am constantly and avidly working on my own healing and ways to share that with others. I know that part of my own healing journey has been aided with essential oils so if I can provide others with one more tool for their healing tool box, you bet I’m gonna share the heck out of that!! Just like I share a new guided meditation I created or a book that’s changed my life. My goal is never to sell anyone something they don’t want but to offer a tool to someone who desperately needs it and could be helped by it.

Lastly, I started a business with Young Living because I want a team yall! I want to do this with my friends, to make new friends and be surrounded by a community of people who are brave enough to pursue their passion and do something that might be considered a little different. These are my people. This is my tribe. I want to create and hold space for a community of people who aren’t afraid to go for it. We rise by lifting others. I want to have a tribe of people who I can lift, encourage, come along side and support. Not just in business and selling oils, but in day to day life because healing is holistic you guys. It is recognizing the connection between our work, our emotions, our home life, our physical health and growing as individuals and together as friends.

So if you have read this far, thank you for listening to my heart on this topic. Yes, you’ll see some oily stuff in my newsfeed and some oily blog posts but like with everything else, I promise to keep it 100 with you and my heart is never to sell you something you don’t need. So carry on my friends and thanks for stopping by the blog today!

(And for those of you actually curious about this oily business, you can find more info here.)


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