My Favorite Vibrant + Ethical Athleisure Brand

Working at a Yoga Studio and teaching yoga has it’s perks (like not wearing shoes whenever you’re at work and getting to wear stretchy pants) but if I’m being completely honest, I got really tired of the typical athleisure brands and the lack of variety they had to offer. I want to be able to show off my bold + quirky style even at work while sticking to my ethical fashion values.  I was of course thrilled when one of my favorite local print designers tackled the project of starting her own ethically made clothing brand, Rochelle Porter Designs. I jumped online, picked out my favorite print and ordered a sports bra and cropped legging.


I’m not gonna lie, when I first got my package in the mail and opened it, I nearly cried. The pants looked tiny and here I am with my big ‘ole pregnant belly, knowing I would never fit into the size small that I had ordered. I actually put off trying them on for several days because I just knew they weren’t going to fit, even though Rochelle had told me they were super stretchy. Well, I finally worked up the courage to try the set on and oh my gosh… They slid right on like butter over my hips and my pregnant belly. They were form fitting without the oh so common cut-off-your-circulation feel that so many yoga pants and leggings have. The closest thing I know to compare them to is Lularoe Leggings are far as that buttery smooth feel and ultra comfortable waistband but unlike Lularoe, the quality is much better. The material is thicker and the pants are sturdy enough to hold up through all the twists and splits of my most intense yoga class. The pants are easily my favorite pair of yoga pants that I own at this point. They are bold, colorful, incredibly comfortable (even well into the second trimester), and high quality.

The matching top is also incredibly comfortable and holds the girls in perfectly for my favorite yoga class or a midweek run. I love that Rochelle has not only created a really funky + colorful athleisure brand but also managed to be more inclusive than other athleisure brands. Unlike other brands on the market, Rochelle Porter Designs offers sizing up to 2XL. Also, the fact that I can know exactly who designed my workout clothes & know I’m making an ethical purchase is a complete win in my book!


If your looking for an ethical AND local athleisure brand, I would highly recommend treating yourself to a Rochelle Porter Design workout set. Get ready for the most comfortable pair of workout pants you’ve ever put on!

Love,Mom                                                                       Photography by @amadeusjimenezphotography

This post is sponsored. All brands that we promote on Life with Lizzy Jackson are brands we know and love. 

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