Three Things I Make to Keep my Grocery Bill Low

Hey Friends!

This week I wanted to share three simple life hacks I have been using for awhile now that help keep my grocery bill low. Feeding a family of five is no cheap thing… if we all have peanut butter sandwiches for lunch we literally will go through almost an entire loaf of bread in one meal or if we all eat eggs for breakfast that’s a dozen of eggs in one sitting! It adds up. Over the years though I have found ways to keep the costs as low as possible and also where to shop to keep costs down. After trying about four different grocery stores, I have fallen in love with Aldi (no, this isn’t an ad for Aldi even though they totally should start paying me for as often as I promote them haha) but only at Aldi can I consistently keep my grocery bill at less than $100 each week. We do eat some meat (though not at every meal or even every day) and we do buy some organic.  My bill usually runs around $75 and occasionally goes up or down depending on if we needed to buy diapers that week or anything extra (ahem beer). Okay, my Aldi plug aside, I have found these three things are quick and easy enough for even a working mom of three kids to do and help keep my grocery bill low and help cut down on waste #winning.


  1. I brew my own Kombucha. If your not already a part of my Slow + Sustainable living group on Facebook, I just did a little video on how I make my own Kombucha. If you’d like to be added to the group or would like to see a post on how I brew my own Kombucha, let me know. Kombucha easily goes for $3-$4 per glass bottle so being able to make my own for literally just pennies makes a huge difference. I would suggest looking at your grocery bill and some of those “healthy” items that typically cost more and see if you can find a way to make some of those items yourself. This not only cuts down on cost but also on waste.
  2. I make my own Granola. I was hesitant to make own granola at first literally because I didn’t want to be that weird crunchy mom. But you know what? F*** the haters. I make my own damn crunchy granola and it is off the chain. It makes a great snack, we eat it in yogurt parfaits or have it with milk and fruit for breakfast. It also is super easy to make so once I’ve made my batch for the week, we are set! It is much cheaper than the granola I was buying and I can customize it to the way my kids like it.
  3. I grow my own vegetables. We have had so much fun with our garden and growing different things with the kids but it also has helped save some money along the way. Take inventory of what produce you end up purchasing the most and see if you can try growing at least a couple of things yourself. We eat tons of sweet potatoes so guess what half our garden is? Sweet Potatoes! We also have been able to use some of our vegetables that have gone bad to root new vegetables. Getting even a little greener thumb can add a substantial amount of green back into your wallet.

I could go on and on about the ways I meal prep and try to cut costs each week but these are some of the biggest ways I do that and the things I do on the most consistent basis. How do you keep your grocery bill low or how do you eliminate creating so much waste when you food shop? Drop a comment below! Hope you guys all have a great week.


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