Style Inspiration: What I Wore This Week

Hey friends! For those of you who have been keeping up with my sustainable style journey, I challenged myself at the beginning of the year to go an entire year without buying anything new for my wardrobe, I could only get  pieces second hand. Today was the first day that I broke that rule (gotta keep it honest around here) and bought a shirt off the clearance rack at Ross. Ahg! I feel disappointed in myself because I had been doing so good for almost 7 months but I also love this new top and know that I’ll be wearing it all summer long. So here’s to failing, recognizing it, accepting it and starting again! Back to my sustainable style challenge of only buying second hand… Anyone want to join me?!

A little note of encouragement for anyone trying to live more sustainably whether that be in your wardrobe, your beauty routine or your cleaning products, don’t get discouraged from trying at all just because you fail or can’t make that entire aspect of your life sustainable. Think of living a sustainable lifestyle as a journey, not a destination. Slowly, with time and with lots of trial and error, you can make your life more and more eco friendly. It’s swapping out habits with healthier ones one at a time. I’m here to keep you encouraged, remind you it’s okay to splurge on something outside of your ethos every now and then and to remind you that sustainable living can actually be lots of fun!




Outfit details: Off the shoulder top – Ross // Denim Capris – upcyled into capris from an old pair of Walmart bell bottoms // Shoes – Thrifted // Belt – Swapped with a friend // Sunglasses – Vintage bought at a sweet little vintage boutique in south Georgia // Bracelet and necklace – Chloe and Isabel but I found them both at a friends yard sale!! 

Thanks for stopping by the blog today to check out what I’ll probably be wearing on repeat all summer long. I hope you all have a fabulous week!

XOXLizzy Jackson

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