May: What I’ve Been Reading

You guys, I’m officially planning to start my own book club at the end of this summer! I am a huge reader and love nothing more than to gather with my girlfriends and talk so I’m really looking forward to it. This might sound a little lame, but honestly starting a book club has always been on my bucket list so I’m really looking forward to diving in. Here’s a list of what I’m currently reading and loving. I’d love to hear what your planning on reading this summer in the comments.

1. Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis 

I heard so many people raving about this book and then after waiting behind 124 library holds in front of me, I finally got to give this book a read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and love how openly she talks about sex, marriage, foster care/ foster parent life, the working mom struggle and more. I’m all for the super honest and transparent style of writing so her book really resonated with me. She also talks a lot about getting clarity on your goals and just going for it which was just the kick in the booty that I needed. Would highly recommend this book! It’s a lite, easy to digest and fun read.

2. The Artist’s Way for Parents by Julia Cameron

I honestly still haven’t finished this book because it’s very interactive with lots of journaling prompts and ways to implement the methods into your household. It’s definitely a good resource. It’s a bit slower pace than I’d like at times but over all has been an enjoyable read and I like that it has hands on “exercises” to try. An example of an exercise is ‘Pick one frivolous activity that you enjoy and practice it for 15 minutes a day for the next week’. I love that she uses a lot of the same techniques and concepts from her first book The Artists Way and just added on an additional layer for parents.

3. Yoga for the Creative Soul by Erin Byron

This is my second time working through this book and can I just say, this book is such an incredible gift. Every time I feel like I’m going through a big transition into a new season of life, this book helps me to rediscover my center, reconnect with my goals and my creativity. This book is a tool that should be in every artist and yoga teachers toolbox or really anyone wanting to connect with their creative self. I have been working through the exercises in this book slowly but surely and have enjoyed every minute of self discovery.

I’m realizing that I tend to be drawn towards really interactive books that allow space to journal and process and implement but working through multiple types of these books at the same time can be intense! So from now on, I’m going to try and read one interactive book at a time accompanied by a novel or something lite. If your in the Atlanta area and interested in being a part of the upcoming book club, let me know! I’ll announce in June the title of the book we will be working through. Thanks for stopping by the blog and I hope you’ll get a chance to check out some of the books. Have a fabulous week my friends

XOXLizzy Jackson

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