Over The Years + Five Year Wedding Anniversary

Last Friday Fred and I celebrated five years of being married. I have a lot of thoughts running through my head about marriage but I’m going to keep it short and sweet so we can get to the good part (the pictures)! We have been through 6 moves together (one out of state move), we have been through multiple jobs and been jobless, we have had three kids in three years, we have been through a trillion ups and downs and yet somehow we are here still standing. Part of me didn’t even think I deserved to write a blog post for our anniversary. I feel like the worst wife ever and these past few years have been so so hard and taken a huge toll on our marriage and lots of other things. But I decided that it was because of these spoken and unspoken hardships that we should celebrate our marriage even more so! The fact that we are still together and still thriving is a testament to the goodness of God and His faithfulness to make broken things beautiful.  So it’s with a thankful and excited heart that we celebrate five years of marriage and reflect over all the things God has brought us through!



Engaged, Married, and Celebrating our first Christmas together as a married couple. Living the kid free life, having no idea how good we had it!



First year of married life, Pregnant with Eowyn, Doing my year long Yoga Teacher Training, and Prepping for life as a family of three.



We moved to Georgia and only had one car so we spent over 6 hours in the car each day so Fred and I could drop each other off and both get to work. That was a season of life that I do not miss.



Fred and I celebrated three years of marriage atop Brasstown bald, this was the year we found out we were pregnant with Trinity (whom we prayed and longed for- I always wanted to have two bio kids and adopt two kids), and this was also the year I got to work for Atlanta Fashion Week and started working as a personal stylist.



This was the year we very unexpectedly found out I was pregnant (again!!), had to very unexpectedly move, and had lots of job transitions making this a very difficult year. But alas, we survived!!



This has been the year that Fred finally landed the job he’s wanted since I met him six years ago, the year that I took the leap to open a Brick and Mortar business and the year that I personally have learned the importance of investing in my marriage.

IMG_0307 copy

IMG_0229 copy

Photo by Julia Daniels Photography

Through all of the ups and downs, their is still no one else that I would rather do this crazy thing called life with than you Fred Jackson. I love you to the moon and back.

And to everyone else, thanks for reading along. And huge thank you to Julia for taking these 2018 photos of us. I’ll be posting more photos from our couples shoot with her but I love the ways she has captured our family over the years! Much love and as always, stay fabulous.

XOXLizzy Jackson

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