Living Room Makeover with Thrift Store Finds

One day I really want to buy a super funky old house and have a segment of the blog called “Our Funky Old House” where readers can get to know and be inspired by all the quirks that old houses have to offer. But for today, I’m blogging about our super funky old rental house that we have grown to love and cherish and make so many fun memories in. Today, I’m sharing a little peak into our living room.

I used to call this room the dungeon. It felt dark and plain and this is the room where Fred keeps his beloved TV (which it’s pretty hard to make a TV aesthetically pleasing… though I’m sure Fred would beg to differ). Anyways, I wanted to breathe life into this room and give it lots of color and texture so that I would enjoy hanging out with the family in this room. My only stipulation was, I needed to do it on a teeny tiny budget. So I hit up the thrift store like I always do and ended up furnishing this entire room with second hand finds. Also, HUGE shout out to our super kind next door neighbors who gave us this incredible couch! Having a couch that looks good and is sooo comfy makes this room a lot more fun to sink in and stay for awhile.

I went ahead and decorated the fireplace for fall with a fun mix of dollar tree halloween decor, some handmade things I’ve painted over the years a few thrift store trinkets and treasures.

Style Tip: I used a large blanket scarf to drape over the back of my arm chair to add a pop of color and texture. Scarves are not just for dressing your look up! They also can take your home decor up a notch. 



I created a little gallery wall over the couch to add interest and put quirky little finds upon. I made the fiber art, hung a family picture of baby Fred and used washi tape to tape a flower, sage and feather to the wall. A good gallery wall in my opinion includes more than just framed pictures. My favorite gallery walls are the ones splattered with different textures, dimensions, shapes and colors. I love that this wall is just that. Also, I’m beginning to grow into my own personal style more and more. Naturally, I’m kind of a maximalist and I’m becoming more and more okay with that. While I love a fresh, clean, minimalist aesthetic, that’s not me and I’m happiest when I’m surrounded by funky curiosities and treasures I’ve either made or found over time.

Style Tip: Use a fun color Washi tape to tape pictures or feathers or dried flowers onto the wall for funky flair. 

Meanwhile, the coffee table was a goodwill find. We painted just the legs black to give it more of a modern feel and I must say, I love it! I wanted to have a place where we could all play games together or put art projects on while we watch TV. Also, what’s on your coffee table? These are some of my all time favorite coffee table books at the moment.


All of these pillows were from goodwill and in brand new condition when I bought them. I sometimes feel a little odd buying throw pillows used but they were in too good of condition to pass up. Also, some throw pillows can be thrown through the wash so keep that in mind when buying throw pillows second hand! I love how these pillows add such rich texture to the space and invite you to come sink into the couch.

And lastly, this super fun vintage ottoman that doubles as extra seating when needed was found at a neighborhood estate sale. And fun fact, one of my really good friends ended up buying the house that I bought this from! And one last picture of my favorite people enjoying our newly decorated living room. This went from being one of my least favorite rooms to be in to one of my most beloved rooms in the house.



Thanks for popping in today and I hope you leave feeling a little more inspired to tackle that home project or make whatever space you fill a little more beautiful. Stay fabulous my friends.

XOXLizzy Jackson

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