The Perfect Date Night In Solution

One of my goals for this year was to make date nights happen more frequently and make them more of a priority. In the spirit of being completely honest, this is way easier said than done. Date night is hard when you have two working parents, limited childcare and three kids. So we aimed for two date nights a month, one where we go out just the two of us and do something fun and one date night in. This meant we only had to find childcare once a month and that could usually be arranged in advance to relieve some of the stress of date prep.


Date night in quickly felt boring to me and there was always the pressure to figure out what exactly we would do that would make this night any different than a regular night off. This is where Datebox came in and has been such a fun experience! We don’t have to figure out what we’re going to do and very little prep is necessary. Our Datebox gave us something to do for a little over two hours making it accessible, fun and also totally doable after you put kids to bed.


This past months Datebox included a kit to make homemade pretzel and a game called “Can’t help falling” which basically combined Jenga and Truth or Dare into one super fun game. It also included recipes for two delicious dipping sauces for our pretzels. We did a poll on our Instagram to see which dip others liked best between cinnamon and sugar and beer cheese and cinnamon and sugar was the winner!! We ended up making both sauces though and they were both incredible. Overall, Fred and I both loved our Datebox date and plan to make this part of our monthly routine from now on.


I am so excited to have partnered with Datebox for this post so that we can offer you 50% off your first Datebox! Use promo code LJACKSON50 so you can try Datebox for way less than you would spend on a date anywhere else. I hope you enjoy your date night in as much we did!

XOXLizzy Jackson


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