August Theme: Sacral Chakra

Hey Yogis. As a yoga teacher, I like to teach around a general theme. Each month I have a  chosen theme that I incorporate into all of my classes, no matter what the class style is or where I’m teaching. This helps me to stay focused and intentional when I’m class planning and this also allows students to dive deeper into their practice. We aren’t just aimlessly running through work-out poses, we are healing the body one layer at a time. So I began implementing this idea of monthly themes last month as we started with the root chakra. Our root chakra has to do with our sense of safety and security as well as feeling grounded. I’ll probably go back and write a post around this point later but for now I’m going to get into this months chakra which is the Sacral Chakra.


Our Sacral chakra is located just under the navel and it is associated with the color orange. This chakra relates to all things emotional (consider it the house of your emotions), our creativity, our pleasure and enjoyment of life and our sexuality. When this energy point is out of balance you might feel as if you lack creativity, your emotionally unstable, or you lack intimacy (intimacy being physical as well as just connecting with others deeply). When our sacral chakra is balanced, we feel emotionally stable and are able to offer acceptance of our emotions, we feel creative, and we enjoy life’s pleasures to the fullest.

Through our practice this month we will be connecting with this emotional center of the body through poses, breath work and guided meditations. We will focus on stabilizing the body as well as stabilizing our emotions. As you enter into your practice at home or in a class, you might think of areas of your life that need more stability. How can you cultivate that stability on the mat or how can you cultivate the qualities within yourself that you would need off the mat to create that stability where it’s lacking? If you can’t immediately think of an area that needs stabilizing, try asking yourself what part of your life feels like a never ending roller coaster? Everything in life is fluid, it’s constantly changing. But we can still build up a sense of stability in our lives to better cope with those constant changes.

As we stabilize the body and emotions, we will also focus on identifying and releasing any emotional blocks. As we explored our root chakra, we found our sense of safety and security. So now that you know your mat is a safe space, you can allow yourself to be vulnerable and dive into your emotions.  Your mat is a safe space where you can explore and experience your emotions, eventually leading to a release. Our emotions and our physical body are completely intertwined, each one affecting the other. This is why it is crucial that our practice is not just physical. Our emotions affect our body, and our body affects the emotions. This theme in itself could be explored for a lifetime, but for this month we will just begin to get comfortable identifying and experiencing emotions on your mat.


Things to work on at home: You might wish to dive in deeper to this theme at home so here’s a few ideas!

  • Create your own “I Am” statement that relates to this chakra. Some examples to use or gain inspiration from are “I am emotionally stable”, “I deeply connected with others and myself”, “I am creative. Creative ideas flow freely out of me”, or “I enjoy life’s pleasures to the fullest. I am joyful.” You might write your affirmation down and put it somewhere where it can be seen often. Even if you don’t feel completely emotionally stable yet (or whatever your affirmation is) it still serves as a reminder of what your striving towards.
  • Use essential oils as you practice simple breathing exercises. Some oils that can help with balancing our sacral chakra include cinnamon, tangerine, orange, black pepper and cypress. You also might consider using a women’s monthly blend to help balance out hormones. I typically apply this blend over my abdomen and over the sacral chakra. Of course, use your oils responsibly by making sure they are pure and you dilute them if applying to the body. One of my favorite ways to use them when working with my chakras is to rub a drop between my hands and breathe the oil in as I practice deep breathing and connect with my divine source and repeat my chosen affirmation or “I am” statement.
  • You can also use crystals as you work with a particular chakra. Citrine, Carnelian, Orange Calcite and Fire Opal are some good choices that relate to the Sacral Chakra. I prefer to use the crystal as a visual, external reminder of the work I am doing internally. I’ll place the crystals around my house where I can see them and be reminded of whatever goal I’m working on at the moment. You can also use them in meditation as a focal point for the gaze.
  • Practice yoga poses at home that allow your body to feel stable. If you need help finding poses that would work for you, you can always chat with me after class and I can offer suggestions.
  • Lastly, you can try journaling at home using the following journal prompts: “What emotions have I been repressing?” or “How would my life look different if I accepted and experienced my emotions?”

I hope you enjoy exploring the Sacral Chakra with me this month whether that’s at home in your private practice or by coming out to a class with me. If you ever have questions regarding what we are working that particular month, always feel free to reach out to me after class or in an email.

XOXLizzy Jackson


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