Studio Makeover + Tips on Creativity

Hey Friends,

Recently I did a little makeover of my art studio that I’m sharing some bits of here on the blog. I’m getting in the habit of spending a minimum of 30 minutes a day in my studio, working on something/anything creative so I wanted it to be fresh and clean for easy creative time. Not pictured here, I have an entire ugly wall with all of my supplies. I store everything on multiple bookshelves, drawer storage units, and big bins. Since I like to dabble in lots of different art forms, I have it organized into the different art mediums, a shelf for fabric bolts and sewing supplies, a shelf for yarn and string, a box of painting supplies and canvases, drawers full of jewelry making supplies and another one of kids art stuff. I also save every glass jar and bottle and cans to organize my different supplies. I LOVE lots of color in my house so I organized this little gallery wall above my work space full of bright colors and images that inspire me. The smaller images are all hung with washi tape so I can change them out as I feel like it. I also have an OttLight which is perfect for working on tedious crafts after dark. You can find one similar here. 





My art studio is adjacent to my kids playroom which has made more creative time a whole lot more realistic with 3 kids. If your looking to create a studio of your own in your home, be sure to make it some place where you’ll actually like to work and it’s convenient to work. If I’m already in the room and I see my art tables and supplies where I can easily access them, I’m a whole lot more likely to go over and make something. Out of sight can be out of mind so put your supplies where you can see them and easily access them. A good clean slate can be helpful but also don’t be afraid to get messy in your art studio! I have this white table (pictured) for less messy creating like jewelry design or sewing and then I have a separate table for painting, woodworking and potentially messy creative pursuits. Some paint splatters equal character though, right?



These are my three favorite books on creativity at the moment. Some wisdom I’ve gathered from these three gems:

1. What are you waiting for? If you want to be creative go ahead and start now.

2. Be persistent and consistent in your creative pursuits. You won’t always feel inspired and not everything can be your best work of art, but who the F*** cares? Create and do it often.

3. Everyone is creative. Just not everyone takes time to access that inner creative wisdom. Not sure how to do that? Read one of the books above or follow along with @thelocalgemsmv on social media to find out when we will be hosting our “Harness Your Creative Potential” workshop.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today and we would love to hear from you, How have you started living a more creative life? What is Creative Living to you? Leave a comment below.

Have a great weekend and stay fabulous,

XOXLizzy Jackson

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