The Local Gem Coming Soon!

You guys! I have something that I’ve been dying to tell you- We are opening a storefront in the heart of Stone Mountain Village! I’ve dreamed of this moment for years, always picturing myself feeling accomplished and the sweet taste of success. But instead, this moment brings an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Honestly, I’m humbled, I’m excited and I’m thankful. Thankful for all of the people who have made this a reality.


975 Main Street, Stone Mountain GA

The Local Gem

We wanted to create something that is a bit of a neighborhood hidden gem. As Fred and I have traveled, one of our favorite things to do is look for those one of a kind, hole in the wall type places that only the locals know about. So we were thrilled to be given the opportunity to create one of these ‘Local Gems’ in the town we call home. This space ultimately is just an extension of my own style, taste and passions. After working several years as a yoga teacher and stylist, this space was my chance to merge these two passions together into one unique and cohesive space. Half of our space will be a treasure chest full of flowy and bohemian clothes, funky home decor, jewelry, crystals, gifts and wellness supplies. We also will have an interactive station where you can make your own house plants. Personal styling and interior styling will be offered on the spot so you can bring those pressing style questions in to find your solution. The other half of our space will serve as a classroom space where people can do yoga, mommy and me classes, meditation/energy work, book club meetings and styling workshops.

We will be having a soft opening on May 19th followed by a grand opening in July. We wanted to be able to ease into this new chapter, work out any kinks, and make sure that we are creating a space and brand that serves our community in the best way possible. If your reading this, YOU are invited to our first opening day! We will be opening up our doors from 10-7 on Saturday the 19th.

Wanna know how you can help? Follow the local gem on Instagram and Facebook  @thelocalgemsmv , SHARE our content on social media, Come out for one of our classes or workshops, Shop our boutique, leave us a review and tell all of your friends how much you loved it. A massive and sincere thank you to all of the people who helped us to get to where we are today. If this is what I’m doing at age 23, I can’t wait to see what I’m doing at age 33!! Thanks all and love you guys!

XOXLizzy Jackson

One thought on “The Local Gem Coming Soon!

  1. Betty Pompey

    I am so happy for you. It’s so amazing to me that you are able accomplish this dream with 3 little children…. anything is possible.


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