3 Warm Weather Shoes That Give Me Life

I never truly appreciated a good pair of shoes until I had kids. Suddenly my shoes “looking cute” wasn’t enough and they needed to be something that I could do more than “look pretty in”. I remember gasping over my moms Birkenstock’s when I was little and asking her  “Why would you wear such un-glamorous shoes?”  She would always respond very frankly “Because they are comfortable dear.” And you know what about my mom and her brown shoes? She wore that same pair of brown shoes for years before they wore out. Maybe it’s a coming of age thing when you start to value comfort and quality more than just aesthetics alone, but either way, I have arrived (I also LOVE Birkenstock’s now, so I’ve arrived in that sense as well).

So several summers ago I went on a quest to find shoes that were both aesthetically pleasing and practical. These shoes needed to carry me to the yoga studio, on my walks around town, to the grocery store, to meetings with clients, and support me while I carry two 20+ pound babies at the same time. I also wanted the shoes to feel earthy and bohemian as to fit in with my personal style. They had to be magic shoes. Unfortunately most magic shoes come with a not-so-magic price tag so building this shoe collection up is going to take some time. Some of these shoes I own already, others I have tried on and they are on my wish list, and a few are pairs that I have owned and loved so much that I wore them out completely and they now rest at the bottom of a landfill somewhere. RIP pretty shoes.

Yara Birkenstocks  


These shoes are at the top of my wishlist and they are all I really want in life (dramatizing a bit but seriously in love). I want them in mocha brown. These shoes would go with everything and they are so comfortable. These would be my everyday kind of shoes and the ankle straps would make them a little easier to wear when I’m walking around town or doing a short hike.

Dansko Wedge 


I am a huge fan of Dansko sandals because first of all, they are extremely comfortable and second of all they add much needed height (where are all my fellow short people out there?!). I have had the same pair of Dansko sandals for years now but they are starting to look a little sad so a new pair might be coming soon.

Dansko MALIN


I typically gravitate towards neutrals but how fun and quirky are these bright red shoes?! I feel like these would add instant personality to any outfit and would always put a little smile on my face.

I literally think that between these 3 pairs of shoes I could have every scenario covered from work to play and from going out with friends to chasing kids around. Do you have a pair of summer shoes that your obsessed with?

Don’t forget to pick shoes that make you feel fabulous!

XOXLizzy Jackson

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