6 ways to spice up your yoga routine

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for 50 years or 5 minutes, it’s always good to add a little spice into your day to day. Yoga is such a fabulous morning wake up ritual or bed time calming ritual to add to your daily routine. If your feeling a little stuck in a rut or just want to add some zing for the fun of it, give a few of these tips a try!

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  1. Take your practice outside! Go to a nearby park or your front porch for an energizing morning practice or even a practice under the stars.
  2. Incorporate Essential oils into your practice. Try rubbing a few drops of lavender on the top of your mat before getting started or rub some peppermint between the palms of your hands before practicing breathing exercises. Lavender is typically calming while peppermint is very energizing so choose the oil that best suits your practice that day.
  3. Switch up the music. Typically do your morning yoga in silence? While I treasure any silent moments away from the noise and chaos, it can be fun to add a new element to your practice with some different tunes. You might be used to playing typically “yoga” or “spa” music but what about jamming to something funky and fresh? This can be a fun way to bring life into your yoga practice and also remind us to not take ourselves too seriously and have a little fun 🙂
  4. Switch it up! If you usually only do yoga solo at home, try taking a local yoga class. The energy that radiates when you do yoga with an entire class is so so good! If you normally only do yoga at the studio, try taking to start incorporating 5-10 minutes a day to practice at home, by yourself. An at home practice helps build discipline and allows more time for reflection.
  5.  Try working towards a pose you never thought you would be able to do. It can be fun to try, even if you fall out of the pose a thousand times and sometimes you might learn some new poses as you warm up and prep the body for that goal pose you had in mind.
  6. Try a new type of yoga. If you have always been a hot yoga kind of gal or girl, try taking something more meditative like a kundalini class. If you have experienced the more meditative yoga, try a class that is a bit more strenuous and see how it enhances your meditation practice.

An additional tip, if you have never been to yoga, spice up your life by starting yoga!! You can find my teaching schedule under the schedule tab or take a class on Youtube even.

I hope you have fun playing around with these ideas and have a happy weekend. Stay Fabulous Yogis & Fashionistas!


Lizzy Jackson

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