Spring Uniform

Hey fashionistas. Well it appears that spring has sprung and I have already found my favorite outfit for spring. I love all things flowy and magical for spring and summer and I especially have been crushing hard on extra long outerwear. This little short sleeve cardigan is perfect for spring and has been one of my go to pieces the past few weeks.

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I also have a huge sunglasses obsession and it’s by far one of my favorite accessories. I picked these sunnies up at Charming Charlies (which has fabulous sunglasses) but also have found cute glasses at places like Micheals (yes, the craft store), Flea markets and even Five and Below! I typically choose sunglasses that are in the $5-$10 range since I do have a bad habit of loosing things and sunglasses can easily get broken. For me, this is not an investment piece but I like to have 5-10 pairs each summer that I can alternate.

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april 32

Chunky shoes have become my recent go-to because they give me the added height I need but I can still easily carry my kids while wearing them. If your going to be momming around this summer and want something a little more chic than flip flops, chunky heals or wedges are a great option. Also, strappy sandals are great for a more casual look.

I absolutely love wearing crystals in my jewelry and the spring seems to be the perfect time to bring out these good vibe pieces!

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I love using colorful, bohemian cross-body bags during the summer since these are easier to tote around and we typically are traveling and adventuring more in the summer. This is one of my favorite bags that I picked up in a Philly thrift shop and love pulling it out each spring!

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                              Photography done by @juliadanielphotography 

What pieces are you loving this spring? Leave it in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Stay fabulous fashionistas!



Lizzy Jackson


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