Style Starts at Home


Home has never been one particular place for me and has always been more about the people I am with. We have moved over 5 times in the past 3 years, one of those moves being out of state. I have learned a lot about how to create a home where ever I am and how to infuse my personal style into whatever space we are calling home at that time. Today I am sharing how my style is reflected throughout our home and how to create a space that is intentional no matter where you are living at the moment.

Whether you rent or own, where you live can always change in a heartbeat I have learned. Our homes, just like our wardrobes, are a reflection of who we are and our values. Be mindful of what you choose to bring into your home and that it is something that you love and that truly reflects your style. Just as you wouldn’t bring a new piece into your wardrobe that obviously isn’t your size, don’t let items that obviously don’t belong clutter your space. A carefully curated home is very similar to a carefully curated wardrobe. Through our home, we can tell our stories in a more intimate way through the items we have on display, the items we have tucked away and the items that we consider of most value. Make sure the message your speaking through your home style is in line with who you are and what you want to communicate.

We have chosen to only keep things in our home that bring joy and match our personal taste. We also have made a lot of the furniture and artwork for our home to further infuse our personal aesthetics into the space. Since we have lived a lot of places and been on several adventures (not nearly enough though) we have a lot of things in our home that have a fun story behind them. With Fred being from Liberia and myself being born in Spain, we also have some cultural pieces throughout the home that remind us of where we came from. I love to fill our space with things that tell of our past adventures, who we are currently and who we are striving to become. My biggest piece of advice when creating a home that is filled with your personal style is to only allow objects to fill your space that make you smile, tell your story or inspire you to live out the story you’ve always dreamed of. Drop the scarcity mentality and get rid of anything that you no longer need or love. Trust that if you need that particular thing again, it will be provided for you. This creates space for us to truly appreciate and enjoy the things we do have.


Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

When my space is clear and inspiring, It’s easier for me to approach my work with confidence and my wardrobe with a clearer vision.


I recently have wanted to find news ways to incorporate color into my wardrobe and then I stumbled across the Bright Bazaar book (See above) for adding color to your home and absolutely loved it. Throughout the book, I was able to figure out the best colors to use throughout my home to tell my personal story and get inspired with all of their beautiful color pallets and also get a few ideas for incorporating color into my wardrobe.

Everything is all about story telling from the clothes we wear to the pillows we choose for our couch. How does your home tell your story?

Stay fabulous loves and I’ll be sharing another ‘What I Wore’ post with you soon!


Lizzy Jackson

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