Boss ways to organize your jewelry

Hey Friends, Earlier this week I mentioned on the blog that I was going to be doing a super brave thing and cleaning out my jewelry and sharing some of my favorite organization hacks with you. So yesterday, I spent several hours (not even exaggerating) going through my ridiculous amount of jewelry. While it was a lengthy process, I feel really good about it and got rid of SO.MUCH.BLING. Like seriously, I think I need to do a bling swap with my friends now after this purge. I would highly recommend going through your jewelry if you haven’t done it in awhile to take inventory of what you have and get rid of any broken or damaged pieces. It was shocking to me to find so many broken necklaces that I had just stashed away in my jewelry boxes. I also found a stash of belly button rings from my Pre-Kid days. OMG. Enough said.  So let’s dive into the process and those tips for #BOSSorganizing.

You can see my before pictures up above. My dresser obviously collects a lot of jewelry and not all of it makes it back into the jewelry box. I have a vintage jewelry box on my dresser and a stand alone jewelry storage piece that I absolutely love. In addition to my jewelry boxes, I have a few storage boxes that I keep hidden out of site with additional pieces in them.

My first pieces of advice is to take all of your jewelry out of the jewelry box or where ever you typically store it. As your pulling pieces out, make sure all of your earrings have their partner and have a back if it’s a stud. Put any broken pieces in a pile and create a pile for pieces that just need to go buh-bye. Group your jewelry by bracelets, necklaces, earrings etc. so you can clearly see what you have and what you need to store.

I love jewelry boxes with lots of different little storage compartments but if you don’t have a jewelry storage system you love you can try some of the hacks below. For my long pendant necklaces and my cocktail rings, I use ice cube trays I bought at the dollar tree and put them in pretty storage boxes on a shelf. You could also put the ice cube trays in a drawer or somewhere out of site but easily accessible. This trick also works wonders for storing earrings! If you have a lot of statement necklaces or drawers that don’t have separate compartments, you can use jewelry boxes to create little compartments within a bigger drawer. I did this with my statement necklaces to keep them separate from each other within the same drawer. Lastly, try to always hang any dainty, thin necklaces that you might have. These pieces tangle the most and you want to avoid tangles and breakage.

Once you have decided upon your method of storage, be sure to group your items by metal type. I like to keep all of my gold pieces together, all of my silver and then have all of my colorful pieces in between. Be sure you can easily and clearly see all of your pieces and also try and get in the habit of putting your jewelry away as soon as you take it off.


Still not feeling inspired to tackle your jewelry box? I have been finding so much inspiration on pinterest and one of my friends recently got me hooked on The Home Edit. If you haven’t checked them out on Instagram, go do it now! @the_home_edit has so many inspiring images that make me want to redo every corner of our home. If your brave enough to take on this challenge, let us know what kind of hidden treasures you find!

As always, Stay Fabulous.


Lizzy Jackson

One thought on “Boss ways to organize your jewelry

  1. I should probably re-purge my jewelry. I’ve done it several times in the last 7 years, but it never hurts to go through it all again. I keep most of mine in a large jewelry organizer that hangs on my wall. The front is a photo collage frame! Which probably needs updating, since I last printed pictures for it in 2012…


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