How to Rock a Statement Necklace

Statement jewelry is something I absolutely love but can be a little tricky to figure out how to wear. Bold necklaces or big earrings are loud right? And no one wants to look obnoxious. Since August is all about accessories here on the blog, I’ll be sharing my secrets to wearing bigger, more bold pieces while still looking fabulous- even if dramatic style isn’t your thing.


statement necklace1

  1. Keep it simple. I know I say this a lot but it applies to so much! If your going to be wearing a bold necklace, pair it with a simple neckline and a solid top or dress. You don’t want to pair a statement necklace with busy prints or lots of fluff up top. I love to pair a bold necklace with all black so that the piece really has space to speak for itself. Think of your outfit like the canvas. When you keep the canvas neutral and simple, the statement necklace can take the spot light.
  2. Only one statement piece at a time. Don’t do big earring and a big necklace. Promise me you won’t? Okay, enough said.
  3. If you have a top with a high neckline, dress it up with a statement necklace. As you’ll see in what I’m wearing, the neckline on this top is pretty high and doesn’t have much detail. It can feel a little boring so I always spice it up by adding a my favorite statement necklace. You can also dress up a casual tee by pairing it with a statement necklace.
  4. Change up your style with a statement necklace! Jewelry is a really fun way for us to experiment with our style or even a new color without the investment of a whole new wardrobe. If you have a trend you love this fall, start small by incorporating that trend in your accessories and if you absolutely fall in love, then start adding it into your clothing.




What I Wore: Black high low top from TJ MAX// Black A-Line Skirt from Target// Kate Spade bag// Jewelry from Stella and Dot// Shoes FREE off of this weird app called Yerdle. Don’t ask.

This week I have been going through my accessories and majorly purging ( I may have found a necklace from middle school- please don’t judge me) and I’ll be giving you a little sneak peak into my accessory collection and showing some fun before and after pictures. Also, I’ll be sharing a little inspiration for your #ClosetGoals this week. Thanks for stopping by and being a reader, I am so thankful for you and you rock! Stay fabulous this week loves.


Lizzy Jackson

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