Finding your Signature Accessory

I talk to my clients a lot about finding their personal style and signature looks, but today I wanted to talk about something everyone loves, Accessories!

Just like your style is unique and personal, your accessories can also be unique and personal and they provide the perfect opportunity for you to infuse your personal taste into any outfit. But accessories can also be time consuming and overwhelming, and we all know ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that!’ So let’s talk about how you can find your signature accessory and rock your personal style with ease.


Let’s start by heading into your closet, vanity top and dresser or wherever your accessories reside. Take a good hard look at what you have the most of. Do you have purses for days but no earrings? Or maybe you are the necklace queen and have enough jewelry to glam an entire army. Are you known for your fabulous shoe collection? These are some of the most common accessory categories you’ll want to asses:

  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Jewelry
  • Hair pieces/Hats
  • Scarves
  • Belts

See what type of item you have the most of and ask yourself if you love the accessories that you have in that category. If the answer is no, then you need to ask yourself why and what you feel like your accessory collection is lacking.  If you love all of the accessories in that category, then look for a common thread among the items. Do they all have a similar color or texture? What do all (or most) of the pieces have in common? Asking these questions is getting you closer to finding that signature accessory!

Once you have evaluated your current accessory pile and identified what the pieces have in common or what’s lacking, you can start looking for that common thread across all of the accessory categories. Whenever I go into a personal style consultation I have 3 things I always try to accomplish that I like to call my formula for success and that is: Asses, Identify and Implement. Once you have assessed what you have, you can then move on to identify which pieces and what styles really make you feel empowered and beautiful and lastly, implement those pieces into your outfits.

I suggest always trying to keep it simple by really placing your focus on one main category of accessories at a time. If you love purses and have a lot of them, find outfits to wear with each purse. Sure, you can still add a fun pair of earrings with your outfit as well, but when your a busy fashionista on the go, just make it easier on yourself by focusing on adding one key accessory to each of your looks. You might be surprised at how much more ‘put together’ you can look by just adding one key accessory!


Lastly, once you have identified your signature accessory, be sure to organize them where you can easily see them all to make accessory pairing a breeze! What’s your signature accessory? Share in the comments below!

I have decided that August is going to be accessories month here on the blog so stay tuned for more. Also, I have several exciting announcements coming this week, one of which pertains to our monthly accessory theme!  Stay Fabulous lovelies and Happy Monday.


Lizzy Jackson


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