Mom Style Myths Busted

Is Mom Style really a thing? Do Mom jeans still exist? Have i dropped the ball and gotten a mom haircut? Today I am answering some of the most common questions I have gotten from, you guessed it, Moms! We can sometimes get so caught up in dressing our little ones to perfection that we forget to dress ourselves in a way that reflects our own style. This way to often leads to that oh-so-frumpy looking mom style. We think everything needs to be easy, quick and comfortable so we resort to wearing yoga pants all day everyday.

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So to answer the first question, is Mom Style really a thing? Yes. Yes, it is indeed. The problem with mom style? Our clothes can be a very powerful tool used for our self expression. Our clothes are one of the ways we tell the world who we are without having to speak (Thank you Rachael Zoe for that Wisdom). Our clothes also have the power to help us feel more confident. When you look good, you feel good. Don’t believe me on this? One of the biggest warning signs of depression is lack of self care, not changing out of PJ’s and not brushing your teeth regularly. Dressing well is important for our confidence and a simple way we can practice self care. It’s okay to spend the occasionally lazy day in your Pj’s, but don’t make this a habit even if you are at home with your littles all day. Get up and get dressed. You’ll feel much better, trust me.

“You are Mom, but you are a unique individual first.”

Do Mom jeans still exist? Yes, they do. But now trendy little art school students wear them and call them hipster. Be less worried about mom jeans and looking like a typical mom and more concerned about discovering your personal style and implementing it into your day to day wardrobe.Yes, you are a mom. But you are a unique individual first. Always remember this when dressing and choose clothes that make you want to do a double take in the mirror. Who cares if it looks like something a mom would wear or not? Find your personal style and own it! Need help finding your personal style? Schedule your own personal style consultation. You can see all of the details here about working with me as a stylist. Lastly before moving on to the next question, I know a lot of moms have questions about length of garments and what is acceptable at what age etc. An easy rule to keep in mind is that fingertip length is generally considered ‘modest’ or ‘decent’ (fingertip length is when you put your arms straight down your side and your middle finger is still touching the fabric). If your worried about showing too much skin, try the garment on and see how it makes you feel. If you feel uncomfortable, self conscious or unattractive, opt for a longer pair. If you feel amazing in the shorter cut, go for it!

Moving on to address the mom hair cut now… Yes they do exist and you can read an entire article about the problem with mom haircut here .Here’s my take on the mom hair cuts, just because chopping all of your hair off may seem easier to take care of, does not mean it actually will be nor does it mean that the particular cut will look good on you. Hair, just like clothes, is very personal and the type of cut depends on a lot of different factors including your face shape, your hair texture and so much more. If your considering getting a ‘new do’ meet with a trusted hair stylist to get their input on what styles would look good on you and be low maintenance for your hair type. Just because a typical mom hair cut is a short blunt cut, does not mean this will look good on you. We are coming back to this common thread of you are mom, but you are an individual first. Always remember to style yourself in a way that reflects who you are as an individual, not just as a mom.

Got some more mom style questions? Leave your question in a comment below and I will answer it in an upcoming post!

Stay fabulous mommas!


Lizzy Jackson


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