The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Vintage

If you know me very well, you know that I love a good vintage find! Thrift stores are my BFF because they can be a goldmine for finding unique vintage treasures. Part of what makes vintage so great is that the quality of the clothing made a long time ago is a million times better than the quality of items made today. In order for a garment to classify as vintage it typically needs to be at least 20 years old. You can often tell if a piece is vintage based off of the tag. There is so much information about identifying vintage by the tag that it could be an entirely separate post so for now, I’ll just leave you with this link to one of my favorite sites that explain how to tell vintage by the tag. While vintage items were typically made much better, they are old however so be sure to closely inspect any vintage garments for defects before purchasing. Now onto the fun part of how to style vintage items!

DO Mix and match your vintage with modern pieces to avoid looking too ‘Costume-y’ (unless costume-y is your thing of course).

Do let your vintage pieces do the talking. Vintage pieces are often unique and speak for themselves so let your vintage pieces take center stage by pairing them with more neutral pieces. As you can see in the outfit I styled, This Vintage top is very ‘loud’ which is why I paired it with a nude skirt that is more ‘quiet’. Yes, fashion speaks so listen closely 😉

Don’t be afraid to alter vintage pieces to fit your shape. A lot of vintage clothes may have a little different sizing and proportions than our modern clothes so don’t be afraid to hem the skirt or have those vintage trousers tailored. If you are not handy with sewing, consider taking your garments to a seamstress.

Do consider the cost of repairs before buying a vintage item. If the item needs a button sewn on or will need to be professionally tailored, factor in those alterations into the total cost for the garment to see if it’s worth it for you.

Don’t buy it if your uncertain. Let’s be real, vintage is awesome but it can also be a disaster waiting to happen (like a dress from the 80’s with puffy sleeves and all). Make sure that whatever piece your buying, vintage or modern, fits within your personal style and makes you feel awesome when you have it on.

So now that we have covered a few of the Do’s and Don’ts of wearing vintage, onto one of my favorite vintage pieces in my wardrobe! I have also shown how this look can easily be taken from day to night by pairing it with flats and then adding heels for an evening look.

polka dot v

What I Wore: Vintage Polka Dot Top was a Thrift Store find// Nude sequin skirt F21// Crystal statement necklace from Davids Bridal and was the same necklace I wore on my wedding day// White heels also from Davids Bridal and my wedding day shoes// Brown pointed toe Flats are Maurice’s// White Clutch is Micheal Kors.





Still have questions about wearing Vintage? Leave it in a comment below for an answer in an upcoming post!

Stay Fabulous!



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