What to wear when you miss Spring

It’s almost February and here I am, longing for spring to arrive. I have already been planning my spring/summer wardrobe and dreaming of long days filled with sunshine and late nights spent outdoors. Unfortunately, it’s not warm enough to break out the summer clothes yet, so I have been playing around with some of my warmer weather pieces and layering for the current weather. If your like me and seriously missing spring, go ahead and bring out your more colorful and flowy pieces and try layering a cardigan, long sleeve button down or blazer over top. No, it’s not too early to start incorporating some blush pink and floral prints! Dream for spring and style away 😉


What I Wore: Silk Dress: Thrifted find// Bright green scarf:Old Navy but given to me by one of my childhood BFFS (I love you Courteney if your reading this!) Blue button down: Target….Did I mention that I LOVE Target?// Leggings: F21 // Booties: Walmart, can you believe it?




I hope all of you have a fabulous weekend and don’t forget to stay fabulous my loves!



Lizzy Jackson

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