When life gives you lemons…

You blog about it. My name is Lizzy Jackson and thanks for stopping by my blog! Here you’ll find articles on Sustainable + Personal Style, Home Décor and DIY’s, Inspiring Stories and a peak into my life as a small business owner and mom.


I own The Local Gem which is a Yoga Studio + Lifestyle Boutique located in the heart of Stone Mountain Village. I love creating authentic community online and out in the real world. I promise to always be real with you guys and share the raw stuff. Life is hard and it’s messy but the more open and honest we are, the more we can all be in this together.

A few things you should know about me: I’m crazy passionate. I curse. A LOT. There’s much that a simple gosh darnit just wont cover. I live off of sarcasm and bad jokes. I am a mom of three kids all under the age of five. I love binge reading like there’s no tomorrow. I redecorate and rearrange my house pretty much all the time, it’s my favorite. I speak up for mental health awareness (Helloooo anxiety and depression, old friends). I’m an essential oil dealer and love all things natural health related. I am a creative with a big dose of entrepreneur. I love to share my life with you all in this space in hopes that it inspires you and makes you not feel so alone in this crazy life.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll pull up a chair, grab some lemonade and stay awhile in this little community! Make sure you never miss a post by clicking Follow at the bottom of the page.


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