When life gives you lemons…

You blog about it.
My name is Lizzy Jackson and I am a passionate writer, personal style guru, sustainable living enthusiast, Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), mental health advocate, entrepreneur, essential oil dealer and mom. This is where I blog about all of my passions and keep it real with you guys. Life is hard, it’s messy at times and it’s confusing but I believe in the power of sharing our stories with one another to build community and remind each other we are not in fact as alone in this as we think. A few oddball facts about me: I have three kids all under the age of five with a fourth one on the way, I am a type four wing three on the enneagram, I love binge reading like there’s no tomorrow, I don’t actually like coffee (*gasp*) and I was born in Lugo, Spain. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll pull up a chair and stay for awhile!


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