Hello, I’m Lizzy Jackson…

I am a soulful creative who firmly believes in the magic of Art, Yoga, and Community. This is my space where I share about my family, business and passions.

I am the creator and owner of The Local Gem boutique which is a lifestyle boutique located in the heart of Stone Mountain Village. I am a lifelong student AND teacher of Yoga. I am a Designer and Stylist (Interiors + Wardrobes).

I married my college sweetheart, Fred, and we have been married for five years. Together, we had three kids in three years. Eowyn, Trinity and Jaden have made our family the Jackson Five.

I’m crazy about the moon and crystals, thrift shopping & flea market finds, creating and building soulful community, binge reading like there’s no tomorrow, redecorating and rearranging my house a thousand times, Mental Health Awareness (Helloooo Anxiety and Depression), Natural Health and Healing and all things STYLE related.

So this is me, this is us, and this is where I share bits and pieces of our story with you. My intention in sharing is always to either inspire you or to share with you so someone out there knows their not alone. So why not get cozy and let’s talk for awhile. I’m really glad you’re here 🙂


Life with Lizzy Jackson is a For Profit Blog. Some posts may contain affiliate links. I only share products and resources that I truly love and use. All brands that we partner with are brands that we know, trust and love.